5 Reasons why I love SHINee

October 23, 2008

So that Onew tribute video I watched yesterday – check the previous post for the link – inspired me to do a similar post about SHINee as a whole. I wrote it out at work but then I forgot to pick up the papers I wrote it on so I’m doing it off of the top of my head now. By the by, I’m not saying these are the only reasons – just some of the major ones. Well, here goes…

1. They’re talented.

This one’s a given. I mean, there are lots of other great things about them and lots of other reasons why I ended up liking them but the first I noticed was their talent – singing, dancing, rapping, the whole shebang. And I’ll be the first to admit that they’re not all the strongest singers and sure, there are better dancers out there but for rookies, they’re pretty darn good and as I’ve said before, they really entertain you. They work hard and it shows in their performances – you can actually see them improving with each one. When you watch them perform, you can tell that they’re doing their best, that they’re natural entertainers and that they’re doing what they love. And while it may be obvious that Jonghyun’s the strongest singer and Taemin’s the main dancer, rest assured that they’re all extremely talented (or in Key’s case, super talented) and if you give them a chance, you’ll see it.

2. They’re cute.

Yes, I’m talking about in the physical sense. I mean, they’re pretty much cute in every sense of the word but this one focuses on the physical. I must say I didn’t notice that when I was watching the Replay video – I mean I thought “yeah, they’re cute but so what?” I wasn’t interested in them like that so it didn’t matter. I realize now that they’re definitely a little bit more than cute. ^^ Anyways, I don’t think I really have to elaborate too much on this point so I’ll just post up a picture to prove my point and move on.

So cute - HOMG!

So cute - HOMG!

3. They’re dorks.

I have to admit – when I started watching SHINee’s reality show, I was not expecting it to be funny. I mean, I only really intended to see what it was like and then maybe watch another episode or two. So you can imagine my surprise when I started to watch Yunhanam and found it to be full of lots of silly, crack-ish behaviour. (Noraebang, anyone?) I just couldn’t believe that the boys of SHINee were actually that funny – but they are. They really are. Be it Onew’s ‘condition’, Jonghyun and Key’s constant camera-hogging, Taemin’s childishness or MinHo’s randomness, (catching raindrops in a water glass? Random~) those boys are seriously amusing and if you don’t believe me, watch Yunhanam. You’ll see it.

4. They’re genuine.

One of the things I noticed right away when I started watching videos of SHINee – interviews and the like – was how eager they seemed – eager and young and fresh-faced and smiley and it was just so refreshing! It was so obvious that everything was new to them and that they were so excited and just happy to get to do what they’re doing. I don’t know, I guess it’s because things take on a greater significance when they’re happening for the first time but it makes watching what happens to them so much more interesting – kind of (and literally) like watching someone grow up. It’s fascinating and a little sad too – I mean, I can’t help dreading when (yes ‘when’, not ‘if’) they become super popular and won’t have time to update (or have!) an iple and won’t do as many interviews and just won’t be as accessible as they are now. Also as much as I want every single person in the world to like them (love them. love them now!), I kind of want to keep them to myself for awhile. I mean, I feel like my support is really important now that they’re now starting out and need as much support as possible and I feel proud that I was able to recognize their potential from so early and that I’m able to watch them make their way up the ladder of success but in the future, if they ever get to like DBSK’s status, (if only!) I’d just be a number, you know, one out of a HUGE crowd. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think that their innocence and humility is refreshing and that I hope that they can stay that way for as long as possible.

And the final reason is…

5. why SHINee themselves, of course. The five stars from the universe.

Dubu leader, Magdoongie Taemin, Bling Bling Jonghyun, Flaming Charisma Minho and the Almighty Key. The group just wouldn’t be the same without all five of them. Each boy’s got his own talents and charms and everyone contributes something different and crucial to the group and I have to agree with Jaehun noona (the dancer who first picked Taemin) when she said that there’s a good balance in the group. I wholeheartedly concur. So that brings us to the end of my list. Like I said, there are other reasons – feel free to add your own. I’m open to suggestions.

Then up to here. SHINee fighting!




  1. Your title immediately drew me in. xD ❤

    1. Yep. I mean, yeah – I agree that they were not the best, and they’re still not the best, actually. But they had much potential right from the start, and that’s what finally made me like them. And you’re right about how you can see them improving little by little.

    or in Key’s case, super talented
    YES D: I kind of envy him.

    2. Yes D: And I absolutely cannot resist anything/anyone cute.

    3. Shows are often the best way to fall in love with a group. I mean, with Super Junior, it was Full House. And now Shinee with their Yunhanam. Like you, I was just feeling “eh” about it and planned to watch just a bit. But as I started to watch it, I found myself looking forward to the next episode. Their personalities really came out (especially with those behind the scenes footage <3)

    4. Haha, they have sort of a child-like wonder, almost? Anyway, yes, their innocence is really refreshing. I realized very early on that being their fan would be so different from being Suju’s or DBSG’s fan, for example. And there’s also the fact that they’re around my age.. I’ve always liked older groups in the past. They’re also the first group I’ve followed since the time around their debut, and you described it perfectly, how it’s like watching someone grow up.

    5. ♥

    You said it all. 😀

  2. Aww, your comments are almost as cute as the boys! Thank you! I’m so glad you agree with me. Whenever I post something new, I’m always afraid I’ll get mean, bashing comments so it’s nice to get positive feedback. ^_^ SHINee really is sarang. 😀

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