150 days with you…

October 22, 2008

So today is a V.I.D. in the SHINee World (V.I.D. – Very Important Day) – it’s SHINee’s 150 DAY ANNIVERSARY! Yes, that’s right – it’s officially been that many days since they debuted! But it feels longer, right? Hmm, that’s how it feels to me. Anyway I just want to say congratulations to the boys for reaching this milestone and that I hope to be with them until their 1000th day anniversary although we’ll probably stop counting by then, in days at least. They’ve come so far already – I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us next (like their new song and MV, Ah.Mi.Go – already Number three on the M!Countdown charts and it’s not even out yet! Amazing~).

Now let me leave you with 2 pictures of the boys:

Shining SHINee just after debut

Shining SHINee just after debut


Shining SHINee now!

Oh, and to dilute the flood of Jonghyun posts I’ve been making lately, I’d like to share a lovely Onew tribute video that I got linked to from Soompi called ‘5 reasons why we love SHINee’s leader…’. Go watch it! It hits the nail on the head as far as Onew’s concerned although I think his smile should be a reason all in itself.

Going now! Have a good night!




  1. Same with me – it feels like it’s been much longer since their debut. It’s a bit odd to me, though; I thought people celebrated the 100th day instead of the 150th day. Or do they celebrate both? Haha, I’m sure Shinee will be counting up to their 1000th day… Super Junior did it. XD

    Shinee is just shining even brighter now. ❤

    And leader-sshi is awesome. : D

  2. Oh they did celebrate their 100 day anniversary. I actually started this blog right around then!
    I’m not surprised – that sounds like something Suju would do.

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