Let’s clear something up, shall we?

October 20, 2008

So while I was browsing the various blog posts about Minho’s stint at the Andre Kim fashion show, I heard a lot of people saying that they thought that it was nice that MinHo got a chance to do this because he seemed to be under-rated in the group and it was cool that he got to be in the limelight for awhile. And you know a little while ago, I might have agreed with them about MH being underrated (I’m talking about amongst the fans) but now I have to disagree. I mean I used to think that he was one of, if not the least, popular members but I realize now that that’s not really the case. I mean, I don’t know how it is in Korea but here in the SHINee fandom, Flaming Charisma is very much appreciated! I always see people complaining that he doesn’t get enough screen time or doesn’t have enough lines in videos and songs and performances and they wouldn’t say that if they didn’t want to see him, right? Hmm, in fact, my RL SHINee friend just changed her favourite from Jonghyun to Minho and I was joking with her that she would have a lot of competition because there are just so many MinHo lovers out there – I don’t know it’s just hard to resist his ‘flaming charisma’. XD (I also think episode eight of Yunhanam helped.)

Speaking of which, I heard that SHINee recently filmed a new MV (Yay!) where MinHo is the lead (since it has a plot and all) and A LOT of people were super excited about the MV on a whole and the fact that Minho gets to be the lead as well. So trust me, if you thought that MinHo was under-rated in the group, think again. That is most definitely not the case. To tell the truth, I can’t really say who is the least popular member in the group – I see people proclaiming their love for all of them…But that’s good though – wouldn’t it be cool if there wasn’t a least popular member at all? I wouldn’t be surprised honestly – they’re all so adorable.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some cool pictures of ‘Flaming Charisma’ (I’d love to credit but I can’t remember where I got these – if you know the source, leave a comment and I’ll add it):

Prince Charisma

Prince Charisma



  1. wouldn’t it be cool if there wasn’t a least popular member at all?
    Haha, yeah~ They’re all so loveable!

    Minho is so good-looking. And he doesn’t even try hard to look good – he just does. D: I still can’t believe he’s my age, ahah.

  2. lol.. i know! no one’s underrated in SHINee because everyone in the group has fans out there.
    My friends don’t like Minho but who cares? As long as I appreciate him right? Yeah, he’s been my favorite since the start. ^-^
    It’s a good thing he got the lead role in the new MV. He can really act. Notice how the other members always tease him about being like in a drama show or something. ^^

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