Jonghyun has officially stolen my heart!

October 20, 2008

You know I tried so hard not to have a favourite in SHINee. Really, I did – but Jonghyun’s just so amazing and charming and suave and good-looking and cool and funny and smart and I seriously think that his voice is as close to heavenly as we’re going to get down here – for the moment. I’m sorry if that sounds a bit shallow but I’m not feeling particularly eloquent at the moment. Aish, I just like him so much! It’s such a shame we’ll never date. (I was going to put ‘meet’ but I still hold out hope. Who knows what the future holds?) Anyway, just watch this and you’ll see what I mean (about the voice at least).

credit: randy1997 on YT

Hmm, I think this song sums up my feelings towards him pretty well – focus on the chorus:

credit goes to musicfromgossipgirl

Hey SME person who I think could be reading my blog? (yeah right) Can I marry Jonghyun? Please, please, please? I promise I won’t tell anyone – really. I can keep a secret.

Ah, I’m going to go now and try to get my bearings. I’ll leave you with a picture of him – the one that set me off in the first place. credit as tagged and basmspasms on Soompi for the reupload




a love-struck Maki



  1. Jonghyun is awesome. There were some times when I thought he would be my favourite because I have a soft spot for people with particularly good voices. And then there are all those things you mentioned. And he’s short~ compared to the other members! 8D And I’m short~ we totally match, lol!! Just kidding, you can go secretly marry him. 8D Anyway, when I think of Jonghyun, I start remembering the other members, and it just gets hard for me to pick someone. I’m just biased towards ALL the members. 8)

    THAT VIDEO. OMG. That is one of my most favourite parts in Romantic because his voice just.. leaves me breathless. ;_; But…. maybe it’s just me, but his voice, or rather, his singing style, changed after debut? I dunno, I kind of like the other singing style he used better, like in his duet with Zhang Li Yin (have you heard it already?). The current style he uses seems more strained. :/

    I want to marry Key, please. ; D
    *hides from rabid fangirls*

  2. Hi! I’m glad my little mistake on LJ didn’t scare you away. My favourites tend to be the strongest singers in groups as well – although I don’t think that’s intentional…Ah, I’m short too! Super-short actually which is another reason JH and I are a good match. Thanks for your consent. 😀

    Oh, I did hear that duet. It’s a really nice song and I agree, his voice does seem smoother there, more effortless. At times, it does seem like he’s straining when he’s singing and it makes me sad too because it’s like “Hey. You’re already a really good singer. You don’t have to force it.” But then again, it may not be his doing – as the lead vocalist (he is the lead, right?) in the group, it’s possible that he’s encouraged to sing like that.

    Well since you said I can have Jonghyun, I’ll see what I can do about you and Key. Ah, but you’ll have so much competition (me too!)

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