Almighty Key? More like All Dorky!

October 19, 2008

So…I recently realized that I should be more careful about what I blog. I seriously think someone from SM’s reading this…ha, just joking. My reason for saying that is because I edited one of my first posts with my tips for the SHINee members and said that although I love Key’s dorktastic ways, sometimes I thought that he talked a little too much and sometimes I wished that he’d just stop talking for like five minutes (that was around episode seven of Yunhanam) AND THEN I noticed that Key’s been really quiet lately. I feel like I don’t hear him much at all during the show, during interviews, he’s even been pretty absent in fancams and the like. OH MY G, I PUT GOAT-MOUTH ON KEY-GUN!!! I’m sorry, Key! I take it back! Be as talkative and in my face as you want! I really miss it now – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said before.

And then as if to remind me of the good old days (what, like a month ago?), SHINee subs just uploaded an Mnet News cut about Key and his self-promoting (*holding up ‘key’ necklace* Key. Key!) and it was full of Key hogging the camera and being his usual, fun-loving, cute, dorky self. I think I really needed that – I got so distracted by his lovely bone structure (aish, that boy’s really good-looking, ne?) and it made me forget just how funny he is as well. I hope he starts hogging the camera again soon – I miss seeing his face too close to the lens. Anyways, watch the video here. credit: shineesubs It’s super cute and funny. And here are some amusing Key gifs of moments included in the interview (by the by, I didn’t save the credit for the gifs so just let me know if you know who made it and I’ll put the credit in):

*Poke poke*

*Poke poke*

Thumbs Up
Oh, and if someone from SM’s really reading this, can I come work for you as SHINee’s PR manager? I haven’t got any experience but trust me, I know I’d do a good job. Look – I’m already promoting them here! *tries Taemin’s eye flickering* Pretty please?


  1. His bone structure, yes! *_* He has such a nice smile too~ And this might sound weird, but I like his face the most because it’s the most symmetrical. Wtf, I know, right? Don’t mind me. xD

    Hmmm… well, the second gif only says that it was made by an ‘MD nuna,’ whoever that. is. 😐

    and when you get that job in sm, don’t forget to get key to marry me.
    Hahaha, yeah right.

  2. In a way, I can’t be attracted to Key because he’s just too pretty. I’m intimidated by his good looks. XD Hmm, well I never noticed the symmetry thing but I guess whatever floats your boat, right?

    MD nuna – lol! Hmm, I can get him to the site but it’ll be up to you to get him to say yes. Hear I am scheming and I haven’t even gotten the job yet…shame.

  3. ^ Ahaha, what you said kind of ties in to what I’ve gotten from watching Yunhanam, which is that I think you have to have a good amount of confidence to keep up with Key (er, I meant if you were to date him 8D).

    It’s kind of funny, though. When they first debuted, I thought they were not very good-looking at all. xD

    A little wishful thinking doesn’t hurt!

  4. Dating or not, I think being around someone as self-assured as Key would make your self-esteem take a hit or two but to date him, you’d definitely need to be pretty secure with yourself.

    Well, I thought they were cute but no one really stood out to me, except Taemin with his super bright, infectious smile and smooth dance moves and mushroom hair. It wasn’t until LLO that I started taking notice of their looks, honestly.

    Hear, hear!

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