Aigoo, my boys~

October 18, 2008

I love shineesubs. Did I ever tell you that? No? Well, it’s true. I really, really appreciate all the hard work they put into bringing us international SHINee fans all the best from and about our boys. Anyways, the reason that I’m professing my love for shineesubs once again is because I went there today, meaning to watch some old Yunhanam episodes (oh, my review of Episode 12 is in the works – I’ll post it soon~) and I saw on the first page of videos an ETN SHINee World Special so I was like O.o “What’s this?” And I clicked on it and it turned out to be the footage of their ASF performances coupled with some extra stuff from old interviews and a new interview and backstage footage and stuff like that. Anyway, it was really cute and made me feel quite nostalgic for some reason for their old hairstyles mostly. Ah, they’ve changed so much since they debuted – and that was just the other day! It’s hard to believe – every time I see them perform, I have to remiind myself that they’re still rookies. I mean I know they’re not perfect and they don’t always sound great but you got to admit their lives are pretty darn good for newbies. Ah, I feel so proud of them – then again, I always do~

You know I forgot to say that I had this dream the other night where by some random turn of events, SHINee got stuck in my country (what? A girl can dream – literally) and then my mother invited them to stay at our house because they had nowhere to stay. Ah, you’re probably thinking this is getting good, right? and I must feel really lucky even though this is just a dream – well, you’d only be half-right. You see I was super excited because I’d seen Jonghyun in the mall and I was rushing home to blog about it (INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY TALKING TO HIM! WHAT?! So sad, I’m even dreaming about blogging) and then I saw them – there in my house. So anyway, they were getting settled in the extra room (that we don’t have) and I was eavesdropping because I was freaking out too much to actually talk to them and I heard them saying all this horrible stuff about my mom (who they seemed to forget was letting them stay in our house) and I got really upset and I couldn’t blog about that because I knew no one would believe me so there I was all distressed and disappointed. Then I woke up and I was still distressed even though I knew it was just a dream – it was like my dreams had been dashed and all I could think was “OMG, what if they’re really like that?” But that cute, little behind-the-scenes special (and the old YHM episodes I watched today) reassured me. I think the point of that dream was just to remind me that they’re not perfect and not to set my expectations of them to an impossible standard. I mean I don’t want to idolize them. So that’s why you should watch the video – because it shows different sides of them. It shows that they’re extremely talented and professional and hard-working and it also shows that they’re not perfect, that they make mistakes sometimes and can be even be super annoying (sometimes it sucks to be magnae. You’ll see).

So here are the links – credit goes to shineesubs as always. Watch in HQ! ETN SHINee World Special:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Oh, make sure to pay attention to Taemin-ah at 1:27 – kyeopta! Oh, and can anyone tell me if they lipsynched SHINee World and Replay Boom Track during ASF because I can’t tell and it’s really bothering me. Thanks in advance!





  1. Backstage footage is always nice to watch. ^^ I haven’t watched these yet for some reason.

    Haha, I’ve had a Shinee dream too~ x:
    But I agree with you. We shouldn’t set impossible standards for them – it’s not fair to them. And unfortunately, I’ve found that that type of fans still exist, the ones that really idolize music groups. They kind of scare me, quite frankly. Lol, have I thanked you lately for being a sane fan? XD Thank you! ❤

    Anyway, to the videos~ I immediately picked up on that part at 1:27, he’s so cute (and I do believe it’s ‘kiyeopta,’ but correct me if I’m wrong). And that part reminds me of how I think Taemin should be more confident in his singing. xD I think his voice his good, but he often sort of ‘freezes up’ when singing his solos live.

    I’m pretty sure Shinee World and Replay were lipsynched, though. I’ve listened to enough live performances in general and listened to Shinee’s songs so much that I can say that with a good amount of certainty. XD

  2. Hmm, I think sane fans are more common than we think. It’s just that the crazy ones are the ones that get all the publicity – obviously. I sincerely hope that that kind of fanaticism is something that you grow out of though – for all of our sakes.

    I don’t really know – I picked up ‘kiyeopta’ on YT so you’re probably right. I agree about Taemin though – you do get the sense that he ‘freezes up’ when it’s time to sing solo. If you notice, his radio show performances tend to be stronger than their music show ones and I think it’s because there’s less pressure. I do hope he gains more confidence in his singing soon though because he has a lovely voice and his live performances have been improving rapidly. These days he always manages to sing his solo part of LLO without any difficulty, it seems.

    Ah, I think so too. It always makes me a little sad when they lipsynch. While I understand that they can’t sing live all the time, especially when they’re dancing – their live performances are usually so good that I’m disappointed when I don’t get one.

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