October 15, 2008

Thank God for SHINee this time…^^

So, I apologize for not posting about any new SHINee stuff – first I was going to talk about their special stage four more like three song medley and then I was going to talk about the official ASF cuts that have finally been uploaded to Youtube but I’ve been feeling super tired lately and haven’t gotten around to it. I will post about them though because they were both awesome and the boys sounded amazing. Hmm, it’s so nice to be able to come home from a hectic day at work (OMG! My second day and I’m already beat) and have something nice to look at so thanks all you YT uploaders.

For now, I’ll just post the links to the videos and then I’ll edit this and talk about them later. Sorry for the brief, boring post.

SHINee medley special stage

ASF Official cuts – Part 1, Part 2

credit to randy1997 and the lovely shineesubs

Later y’all,


P.S:- What do you think of my new header? It’s from one of my favourite SHINee pictures EVER and my current LJ header. Here’s the full picture:

Blue on blue

Blue on blue


One comment

  1. That is one of my favourite images as well. ❤ And it helps that I like blue and the blue-white combo. xD Key has such milky white skin, ahaha~ *dies*

    And I just realized that one of my lj friends has the same banner.

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