SHINee Yunhanam Episode 11

October 12, 2008

So…I just finished watching Episode 11 – and I feel sad. And I don’t know why. It’s not like the episode wasn’t funny – it was really funny and scary!noona redeemed herself (by picking Onew! Yes!) but at the end of it, instead of feeling supremely amused like I usually do, I feel sad. Maybe because that was the confirmation that Yunhanam’s ending for good…I’m really going to miss it, you know. That was my Friday night fare. Anyway, on to the episode recap…

Part 1 – So it starts off with like a million commercials (I don’t know what’s up with that. It was like watching regular tv) and then around four minutes, the show itself actually starts. Thank goodness, I was afraid I was being rickrolled. Yeah, so scary!noona a.k.a. comedian Park Jisun’s back and she’s at some performance the boys were doing – I don’t think it was for a music show since they were performing Replay – and she’s watching their performance closely and arguing with the girl standing next to her about who Jonghyun was actually smiling at  LOL and then all of a sudden, you see Onew doing the little hand motion she wanted Jonghyun to do. And even if you don’t see it, they play the clip like twice so you can’t miss it. Make sure to watch Onew’s face when he does it – ha, his expression is so funny! Anyways, then she’s all excited and in the side commentary, she says she was surprised that Dubu-ssi did it for her. Lol, and then the  performance continues and I think Onew does the move two more times – just in case she didn’t see it the first time, I guess – then you see Onew doing his own commentary and he says that he did it because the noona said she would come and cook that stew for them every day for a month f no one did it. Lol, and here I thought he was being nice! (Well, I guess he’s being nice to the other members…) Oh, btw, there’s this cute moment where the camera’s focused on Key while they’re performing and he glances at the camera and smiles – OMG, HE LOOKED SO CUTE! Ha, I forget how good looking Key is sometimes….or maybe I just got used to it? Anyways, then the show ends and the noona leaves and as she’s walking home, the PD asks her how she feels. She says that she’s confused now and that she thinks she made a mistake having the engagement party with Jonghyun now that she’s seen what Onew did for her. She says that she didn’t know her heart would change like that so suddenly. LOL! Well, at least one of the noonas is finally taking notice of Onew’s charms. Right…so then, they cut to the next day and you see Jisun on her way to the boy’s (empty) dorm. She says that she’s made up her mind now and that she’s back with a new heart and new groceries (LOL) – and she then proceeds to cook a tofu dish (ha ha, she made tofu for Onew~). All the while, they splice in shots of the boys on a plane flying to Key’s hometown (according to him anyway – he was very excited) and generally playing the fool as only they can. Onew Sangtae and Jongkey cuteness abound!

Part 2 – So then the noona goes to the boys’ room and decorates the wall above Onew’s bed with pictures of herself and the like and then she sets up a camera in front of the bed and stretches out under a blanket for her final present to Onew. No comment about that. Burn the pig, Onew. Anyways, then it cuts to the boys getting back to the dorm in regular clothes and as they enter, they immediately realize someone’s been there, partly because of the smell. (Pay attention to Onew’s glove, by the way – it’s so Onew-ish, remember I told you he needed his own adjective.) Lol at Jonghyun’s face when he enters the living room – he seriously looks horrified like “No! She didn’t come back, did she?” Then they go to the kitchen where noona has left the tofu dish for Onew and all of the stuff she used to make it. Lol, this time I could actually appreciate the humour in her weird actions. Maybe because this time they were directed at Onew? Anyway so then Jonghyun picks up the tape and suggests they watch it. So they go to the living room and pop the tape into something attached to what I now recognize as a PLASMA SCREEN TV and it’s really funny when they all jump as the noona’s face appears on the screen. I shouldn’t laugh though because it’s probably how they’d react if they ever saw my face – sad but true…anyways, so the noona says that sh made the food for Onew so they have to make sure that he eats it and then she apologizes to Jonghyun because “he was probably anticipating” (JH: “No.”) that she would pick him but she’d going to have to break off their engagement after only one day (cue the festivities here – no, really, they were celebrating) because she’s chosen Onew instead. Lol, this is so backhanded. I want to be happy that Onew finally got chosen but well, I don’t know how happy he was about it. He looks like he wants to die. Onew’s reaction is super funny though – you really felt his pain joy. So then they go to the kitchen and Onew eats the tofu (that he could barely cut – lol!) and then they go to their room and discover the surprise that she left for Onew-ssi. Then JH pretends to be jealous and threatens to kill Onew and Onew collapses in defeat on his bed. Onew says that he’s “not going to take revenge – that he’ll just continue with his Onew Condition” but then adds “Watch out writer noona.” with the SERIOUS!FACE. Lol, Onew’s threatening people! I never thought I’d see the day! Oh, and the noona says that she thinks the SHINee boys are “purer than most their age”. (HOMG! She noticed that too! Ch, I wish I was that pure….is there a way to get back there? Anyone?) So then the noona part’s over and they cut to the boys at the Mnet building where they’ve been called in for an emergency meeting. The PDs tell them that they’ve decided to do a season two (don’t rejoice – it’s a lie) and Key says that he was very excited about doing another season (this, my friends, is called foreshadowing) and then they say that they’re going to talk to everyone individually, starting with Taemin.

Part 3 – So the PD tells Taemin that since he’s the most popular amongst the members, they’re just going to do Taemin’s Yunhanam instead of a second SHINee one. Taemin looks shocked and asks what will happen to the others. So the PD says that they won’t be on it. Taeminnie doesn’t seem too cool with that. Then we see the others in another room, being told about the ‘Taemin’s Yunhanam’ plan and then they put up speakers so the others can hear what is being said. Now this is where it starts to get fuzzy for me – you see, they were supposed to be pranking Taemin with the whole ‘Taemin’s Yunhanam’ thing for a hidden camera gag – but they soon decide to change the prankee/victim to Key because Taemin’s quick-witted and it’s likely that he’ll soon figure out what they’re up to, especially since Key with his lovably pushy self barged into Taemin’s interviews with the ‘potential noonas’ actresses (yes, because in ‘Taemin’s Yunhanam’, he gets to choose the noonas instead of the other way around – obviously, since he wouldn’t have any competition). OMG! And Minho must really share some sort of telepathy with Taemin because he could tell the exact moment when Taemin realized that something was up. Freaky~ Anyway, so then Minho proposes that they change the victim of the prank to Key, who is apparently quite gullible, and everyone goes along with it. So they start to tell Key that he’s being too forward about the whole thing and that he’ll end up getting them found out and he just brushes them off. MEANWHILE Taemin asks the PD if there’s a hidden camera there and the PD’s all like “WHAT? I know not of what you speak.” Right….

So then they have the cutest fake photoshoot ever for the poster for Taemin’s Yunhanam and they explain that the plan was that the others (sans Taemin who still hasn’t been told about this) will start to get angry during the photoshoot and that, of course, will throw Taemin off. Since they’re actually pranking Key however, they actually don’t do anything, leaving poor Key to wonder why they aren’t going along with the plan.

Part 4 – So then Key, being the resourceful, diligent boy that he is, he decides to start the whole act, assuming that the others will fall in line. (Oy, I had to pause for a minute here – if there’s one thing I can’t watch, it’s people embarrassing themselves, especially unwittingly) Anyway so he enlists the help of the staff and then Taemin sort of gets filled in on the joke by Jonghyun (you’ll see what I mean by ‘sort of’) and then the ‘fighting’ scenes that you see in the trailer are played out, although they’re a lot more anticlimatic now that you know no one’s really mad. Lol at Minho who doesn’t really get involved in the argument because he’s too busy laughing at the whole situation. So then the PD says that they’re going to go ahead without Key and they start to record the ad for the show while Key is in the back trying to make himself cry using matches (LOL!). Can I mention how weird it looked wen they were doing the ad with only four of them, by the way? It just felt like something was wrong – like there was a big space. I’m obviously too attached to these boys. Anyways, so then Key finally comes back out and they prepare for the reveal. At this point, they show Taemin’s commentary (where he seriously looks like a bumblebee with that white and black striped shirt and frouffy hair – ha, ha, I notice they’re using the frouffy hairstyle on Taeminnie a lot these days….I approve) and he says that he felt like he had become the mother because he was worried about Key. (Lorsh, this child is just made of cuteness, isn’t he? How adorable is that?!) And then the staff brings out a cake and they all start to sing ‘Happy Hidden Camera’ to Taemin, who looks a strange mix of embarrassed and adorable – somehow I feel that unless it involves dancing, he doesn’t like being put on the spot – anyway and then Key umma hugs his son with this cute banner that just appeared out of nowhere. Then they do the REAL reveal and tell Key that he was the one being punk’ed and not Taemin. Ha, Key’s face at that moment was priceless – he was really shocked. Then Jonghyun says ‘blame the staff members’ and at that point, something pops and confetti flies everywhere. Pay close attention to what Onew does at that point – it’s so funny! And then it’s sort of like the show ended and you get to see the behind-the scenes because you see the boys apologizing and thanking the crew and eating the cake and playing around and talking about the whole fake fight thing. Ha, it’s cute – like the editors wanted us to get a glimpse of what they’re really like. Hmm, thanks editor-nims! (Lol, I don’t think that’s how you’d say it.) And then the narrator says we’ll have to wait “just one week” for the last episode. Awww…

So overall, the first half of this episode affirmed my love for Onew and then the second half reaffirmed my love for Key-ssi. Now that I think about it perhaps it’s a good thing Yunhanam’s ending now – I’m starting work next week, God willing and I’m going to be busy from now on so I probably won’t have as much spazz time as before (like that’s ever stopped me) but don’t worry, I’ll still be here – posting about the boys and spazzing away. So you’ve now come to the end of my recap (finally) – now go watch the episode yourselves (if you haven’t)! Comment, then go and laugh. Credit goes to the great shineesubs for all of their hard work as usual. They’re a great bunch! Oh, and here’s a picture from the super-cute fake photoshoot:

You can't possibly say this isn't cute...





  1. Haha you know what really cracked me up during the 2nd part was that MINHO was the one who proposed the change of victim to Key. Wouldn’t have known he had it in him. And I’m awed at that ‘sort of’ moment between Taemin and Jonghyun. Onew waggling himself free of confetti is hilarious!

  2. I’m beginning to realize that we know very little about what really goes in Flaming Charisma’s mind…something tells me he’s way more devious than we assume. ^^
    As for JH and Taemin, I guess that’s what happens when you spend a ridiculous amount of time with someone.
    Gosh, Onew’s really growing on me these days – leader-ssi’s just becoming more and more lovely and dorky and cool.

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