Can’t stop the tears is right…

October 12, 2008

You know the more solos I hear Onew sing, the more I wonder WHY I NEVER NOTICED JUST HOW INCREDIBLE HIS VOICE IS?! Seriously, what the jail have I been listening to?! Jonghyun. No, but seriously, I’m really starting to think that maybe they should have given Onew a solo on the album instead of Jonghyun just because everyone can acknowledge that Jonghyun’s voice is amazing – we don’t need proof of that – but I feel like we don’t really get an accurate idea of the vocal range that Onew has with the parts that he’s given. I’m not trying to hate on Jonghyun (goodness knows, I love him dearly) but maybe it would have been better to give a solo to Onew-ssi instead. Hmm, next album hopefully…

Anyway in case you were wondering what brought this on – it’s this video I just watched of Onew playing the piano and singing a song called ‘Can’t Stop The Tears‘ originally sung by Park Jin Hyuk. It looks like he was at a radio station from what I can see. Anyway, I think this one’s even better than ‘Cracks of My Broken Heart’ (and that was great) except that that was in English and this one’s not. Now don’t take my word for it – watch it yourself:

ONEW-StreamTears - Sakura

credit goes to Takako Sakura on imeem

By the way, I’m sorry if I seem biased. I know I post a lot about Onew and Minho and not so much about the others but know that it’s not a bias or anything – it’s just that I think they’re the most under-rated (ok, well maybe not Minho so much) in the group and I just want to spread the love. That’s all. I love my Taeminnie, my Keybum and my Jongjong as well.

Adios, Maki

Oh, by the way, I actually teared up listening to this. That’s never happened to me before. Oh, Onew-ssi…


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