October 9, 2008

I just realized why I love ‘Love Like Oxygen’ so much. It’s the dance.

You see, I never paid that much attention to the Replay dance (although it still managed to impress me) and I only watched about two Replay performances while I’ve watched the LLO MV – regular and dance versions – tons of times and I’ve seen pretty much every performance they’ve done of it (only on music shows though) and I’ve really come to love it. You know I didn’t like the song on my first listen – I mean, I didn’t even listen to the whole thing – I was just like “Eew, this sounds like some kind of Michael Jackson knock-off” and closed it down and that was it, I was pretty much ready to wash my hands of them BUT THEN I was looking for the MV for my friend, who is also a big SHINee fan – bigger than me initially – and when I found it, I figured “Hey, I might as well watch it – I mean, it was their dancing that impressed me in the first place so maybe they’ll have a cool dance in this video too”. AND THEY DID!

That seriously simplistic video – made up of just them dancing and some very nice close-ups – is what renewed my interest in SHINee and that was why I ended up watching their ‘comeback’ performance on Inkigayo of SHINee World and LLO and THAT was what really impressed me. That performance was incredible and it put SHINee back on my radar in a big way. You see, that’s what I love about them – they’re performers and really good ones at that – and they’re only going to get better. It’s a very nice thought.

So because I loved the video, I kept watching it over and over and over and eventually the song grew on me too. I mean, it took some time but I came around and I’m glad I did. Otherwise I would have missed out on some really great performances – and a hilarious reality show and kind of getting to know five amazing boys so I can understand if SHINee’s not your cup of tea but I think you should at least give them a chance if you haven’t already.

Love Like Oxygen MV – Regular version, Dance version and the first performance (including SHINee World)

Ah, I love these boys too much! Adios,



One comment

  1. Yup I love the LLO dance too, though I initially found the song too ‘eurobeat’ for my liking. Love watching them doing the pseudo moonwalk thing especially at the end when poof! they suddenly all do it in the same direction (ok, it sounds weird when I try to describe it lol). And you know, there was one LLO performance, a Music Bank one if I’m not wrong, when I think I saw JH fiddling with his suspenders ^^ Cute.

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