Lying Low [EDITED]

October 8, 2008

So since Episode 11 of SHINee’s Yunhanam aired last night (in Korea), I’m going to be staying out of the official SHINee thread on Soompi for the majority of today because I don’t want to be spoiled. They already have synopses and screencaps and the like up and since I really want to be surprised, I’m going to be staying away from there until talk of episode 11 dies down.

Hmm, I think I’ll use the time to listen to the rest of IU’s mini-album and maybe watch the final episode of Hana-Kimi Japan. I’ve had that to watch for the past few months so I think it’s time I finally sit down and take it in. I’m sad it’s the last one though – it’s still my favourite drama, although Full House might change that.


Yeah, so I actually didn’t end up watching either of those shows…I did listen to the rest of IU’s mini-album though and I’m totally going to write a track by track review of it sooner or later. So what did I do, you ask, besides listening to IU? Well, I poked around Soompi for awhile, then I watched the two hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy that I missed because I had work to do (yes, I sacrificed tv for work! See – I’m improving…) and then I watched episode 1 of Soshi’s new reality show, Factory Girl – subbed by the lovely soshisubs.

I only watched it because I was hoping to get an idea about their new concept (no such luck) and because I don’t really know the members so I figured the show would help me get to know them. And I did (kind of) – I learned Sunny at least and I think she’s kind of cool – she’s braver than me by far and that is always a plus.I also didn’t expect it would be so funny – I mean, it’s no match for Yunhanam but those girls can be pretty humourous too. I’m actually going to check out episode two – we’ll see from there. I was supposed to check out their other show, Girls Go to School but I think this one will be more interesting… Ah, who knows? This show might be what it takes to finally turn me into an SNSD fan.

Ha, over and out,


P.S: If you leave a negative comment about SNSD, I will delete it. Don’t bring that stuff into my blog, okay? Thanks!


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