Dream a little dream of me~

October 7, 2008

OMG! I had a SHINee dream last night! And I almost forgot to tell you about it! Don’t worry – it’s nothing bad. XD

So some of my friends and I were hiding in a car park (in what part of the world, I do not know) and we were looking down into a shaded passageway. Then we saw Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho walking down the passageway with Onew trailing far behind them (WAI NO KEY? WHERE BE MY KEYBUM?!). However we just watched the others walk past and turn the corner and then when Onew was getting close to us, we jumped out and grabbed him. (LOL. OMG – I’m a dream kidnapper!)

He was kind of startled at first (naturally) but then we told him we were fans (No language barrier? Cool!) so he calmed down. So then we went over and sat down under some pillars and he asked us why we only grabbed him and ignored the others and my friends said that we found the others kind of intimidating (TAEMIN – INTIMIDATING? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!) but that he seemed nice and approachable so that’s why we only talked to him. And then we asked him some random stuff that I can’t remember and then I woke up. It’s rather short and a little bit boring, I know but I think it just goes to show how much I want to show leader-sshi that he’s appreciated. Like it’s such a strong desire that I’m even dreaming about it~ I just worry about that boy so much – you wouldn’t believe. I just want him to appreciate himself and stop doubting his abilities – I want to be assured that his smiles are genuine, you know?

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a cool video of Mr. Kibum that I got linked to from Soompi. Since he wasn’t in the dream, I wanted a way to include him in the post – Key’s dance solo at CL.RIDE photoshoot (I think):

The camera angles are horrible but what you can see is very cool. credit: huaichun on Youtube

Bonne Nuit, Maki


One comment

  1. wow is that what we did in ur dream girl? i dont think i even thought about kidnapping shinee (hmm but there’s a thought lol)
    so how was i? extatic? did i attempt 2 ambush jh instead & u had 2 pull me away?

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