A new star is born…

October 7, 2008

So have you heard of IU? Yes? That’s good. No? Then this post is for you. Mind you I’ve never written a pimp post for an artist before, particularly not for one who I only discovered about fifteen minutes ago but there’s a first time for everything, right? So here goes…

Well, I got put onto this artist by the lovely nylenuol – thanks for that! – and I am really quite grateful that I checked her out. She’s already released both her first MV and her first mini-album, Lost and Found and while I’m yet to check out the mini-album (the tracks are on Youtube, btw), I’m already loving the title song, Miya. It’s a power ballad that really showcases her strong, impressive voice. The melody is mid-tempo (I think?) and haunting and it uses a lot of classical instruments, the piano and violin being the most noticeable. I’m not so sure about the MV – it’s slightly creepy but definitely unique (and I think one of the boys from U-Kiss is in it). But don’t take my word for it – let the song (and MV) speak for itself – watch it here, subs courtesy of KojaProductions:

Anyway, I’ve been replaying her song non-stop since I heard it and the more I listened to it, the more I felt that I should make a post about her. I think she’s extremely talented and it’d be really sad to see her get swallowed up in the sea of newcomers and comebacks taking place right now – so I just wanted to do my part to spread the word about her.

Here’s her profile (courtesy of her official Soompi thread):

Stage Name: IU (아이유)
Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Birthday: May 16th, 1993
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Reading
Specialty: Singing
Favourite Star: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang
Favourite Actor: Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Tae Yang, Han Ji Min
Favourite Musicians: Kim Tae Woo, Gummy, Tamia

Other Facts:
-From LOEN Entertainment
-Both Gummy, Toy and Jung Jae Hyung have praised her on her potential

So please – if you like her music, support her. I really want to see this girl go far because I think she has a lot of potential and talent and considering that her music doesn’t really sound like the songs that are dominating the K-pop charts these days, I think she’ll need all the support she can get. Unfortunately, talent isn’t always all you need to make it big. Anyway here’s her debut performance on Mnet’s M!Countdown on the 18th of September – watch it, she’s very good live:

Hmm, well if you want to hear more from her, definitely check out IUWorld or WeHeartIU‘s Youtube channels for more performance videos and so on. She also has an international forum called WeHeartIU and an official Soompi thread – both places are definitely the best for getting information about her activities and we’re always looking for more people to share the IU love. She’s a really talented girl and you’ll be very happy to have become a fan early on before she blows up! In addition, she was chosen as an ‘Artist of the Week’ on Soompi. so check it out. Anyway, that’s all for now – I may edit this with more information in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out for her! Oh and here’s a fun fact for you – she’s only 15 16. There she is – a new star to join my other five. 😀


I just did a review of IU’s first mini-album, Lost and Found. Feel free to read it here.

82533109lA new star…

Adios, Maki



  1. D: You have given me a new singer to fawn over. XD Haha, and a female solo artist at that! :] ❤

  2. Yay – one down! Ha, I’m really glad you liked her. 😀 I’m working on a review of her mini-album actually. Hope to have it up soon.

  3. Oh, very beautiful indeed. I’m now officialy an avid admire of this beautiful heart string vocal. Very talented. This she has a thread on soompi? She is not very much known.

  4. Oh, I’m pleased you like her! Yes, she does have an official Soompi thread – you’ll probably have to go to the second page of the ‘korean music’ section to find it but it’s there. It’s still very small so if you have anything to contribute, please feel free!

  5. Oh, unni. XD I finally listened to her album, and I really like it. I love Mia, and, well… I think you already said what I wanted to say about the song. The other songs are just so relaxing, and it’s really different for me to like these types of songs. I guess I’m just really accustomed to SM’s style, haha.

  6. I’m really glad to hear that! The other songs on her mini-album are really nice – and are really soothing as well, a big change from Mia. I know what you mean about being accustomed to SM’s style though – whenever I like something different, I’m a little surprised. But it’s good for us to branch out a little, right?
    Anyway I really hope to see more of IU in the future. She seems to be on a bit of a break right now.

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