It’s getting hot in the club…

October 6, 2008

Oh yes, Big Bang’s new MV, for Number One is finally out! It’s a little bit different from the boys’ usual style in the sense that there are a lot of sexy ladies dancing around (and on!) them in the video – okay, well just on TOP, GD and Taeyang – but still, that’s more than half the group – and there’s no storyline, really. It’s just a fun, club styled video which is exactly what I wanted for this song. Honestly, the song’s pretty simple – what kind of story would you create for that? Hmm, well I’m sure GD would have come up with something.

Anyway…I actually like the video which is good but surprising since I wasn’t really impressed by the teaser but the full thing’s pretty good. Like I said, it’s pretty simple but there’s a lot of emphasis on the boys (which is what you want, really), Taeyang in particular. Daesung and SeungRi don’t get as many close ups (since their singing parts are fairly brief) but they both looked really good! Daesung’s really rocking that diamond-studded leather jacket – ha, I finally see what people mean when they say he’s hot. And BB’s maknae looked awfully mature in a suit towards the later part of the video – lol, I usually watch these videos to see T.O.P. but DS and SR are totally overshadowing him in this one. Who would have thought?

I really liked the club scene that they used – it’s perfect for this track because this is seriously a club song. I don’t even go to clubs and I know that. I could have done without all the shots of the sexy girls (I really just want to see BB, sorry – I’m not hating, trust me) and I wanted to see more of the dance routine for the song – you get like 10 seconds! – but it looks pretty fun, I can’t wait to see them perform this, especially if they wear the outfits they wore in the MV ’cause I am loving the matching leather jackets.

So overall, I’d say it’s a pretty good MV. It’s not going to go down in infamy or anything but it suits the song and that’s what matters, right? It’s definitely (re)invigorated my interest in the song. Oh and a little fun fact – someone on Soompi (sorry, I didn’t pay attention) said that GD has five different looks in that 3 minute video – hmm, leave it to Jiyong to flaunt his style like that. Anyway, here it is – check it out, it gets a thumbs up from me:

credit for the video goes to YBGY on Youtube


I really think I should stop watching this video now – no, really – because Daesung and Seungri…they’re killing me with the hotness – and to think, they were the ones I always paid the least amount of attention to. Ah, karma…it’s a funny thing. Ha, anyway I’m just grooving along happily because I am not someone’s noona! Thank you, Daesung – yay!

On a related note, i should mention that I really love the Big Bang thread on Soompi and SHINee’s, claro – the people there just seem so nice and down-to-earth. I’ve never posted there because I have nothing to share but I always pop in when something big’s going down in the Big Bang fandom – it’s fun to see how they react. Anyway I’m really going now…really have to stop watching that video…bye.



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