I can’t keep up…

October 6, 2008

You know it isn’t exactly easy staying on top of things in a K-pop fandom. I mean, if your artists are out promoting, it means that there are new performances and pictures and videos showing up almost every day and I seriously cannot keep up with all of this stuff. I checked the SHINee thread on Soompi around midday today after leaving it early last night and it had already grown by two pages, one of which was practically just pictures. And it seems like there’s a new WG performance every day -and while I like ‘Nobody’ and I think their performances are very good, I don’t think I’ll be watching all of them, like I do with SHINee’s LLO ones – I only watched about five and I’m kind of getting sick of it. Sorry, WG – trust me, I’m still supporting you!

You know the problem with having a bias is that sometimes I can’t tell if I genuinely dislike something or if it’s just a gut rejection. For example, I finally saw U-Kiss’ Not Young MV today and I won’t lie – I sort of went into it hoping to dislike it – that’s horrible, I know but it’s true – but it wasn’t bad. I won’t compare them to my lovelies because I don’t like when people do that but I will say that the one thing that SM did with SHINee that I think they should have done with U-Kiss is play up the young angle. I mean, they’re young – we know they’re young and I’m sorry but some of the members of U-Kiss have the biggest baby faces on the planet so it’s very difficult for me to take them seriously while watching them sing ‘I’m not young, I’m a grown man’. Yeah, I’m not buying it – that said, the song wasn’t bad, the MV was kind of blah – I don’t particularly care for Soulja Boy and since they incorporated some of his moves I wasn’t too impressed but the lead(?) singer or the one who sang the most in that song anyway – you know the one with the curly hair, yeah, him – he has a very nice voice, it’s very soothing and pretty . I’m not feeling the rap though but they’re not too bad, I guess. Oh, and I’m listening to their cover of BSB’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and it’s not bad – their english is actually very good.

I still have to watch SHINee’s performance clips from the Asia Song Festival but the few I saw looked pretty good. No surprise there though – I’ve never really seen them deliver a bad performance and this is me speaking totally unbiasedly. Now I’ll leave you with a picture from there. Enjoy it, okay?

SHINee at the 2008 ASF

SHINee at the 2008 ASF

Adios, Maki.



  1. hi! been reading your entries for a while now and i think i saw you on LAEC! 🙂

    i understand where you’re coming from.. lol.. it’s really hard especially that there are alot of new groups sprouting everywhere and big artists making comebacks! lol! it’s REALLY hARD to keep up..to be honest, the only artist i religiously follow would be SHINee! also, a little of DBSK since their soompi thread jumps like crazy! hahaha!

    i think you are better than me since i never heard songs from other artist or even bother checking their mv’s or performances!(except epik high!) haha.. yes, i am biased towards SHINee and SM artists.. haha.. well, they keep me entertained and they truly are talented and yes they sing good (if not awesome) live not like others who are just catchy songs and popularity! 😛
    well, that’s just me! hehe

  2. Hi! Yes, I’ve seen you around LAEC too – but I didn’t know you had found my blog.

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one feeling sort of overwhelmed – I think maybe I’m just trying to follow too many people. I might cut it down to just SHINee and one other group perhaps…most likely, WG. But SHINee’s a definite!

    Oh, I love Epik High – I think their music’s so original and different! It’s funny to think that they’re a mainstream group. Well, I usually only check out other groups when I hear people I like spazzing about them. And I always want new music as well so I’ve got to check out other people so my K-pop playlist keeps growing…

    Well, honestly I can understand being biased towards SM artists – there are so many of them and they’re all very talented! SM could probably keep the K-pop industry going all on their own! But there are lots of other talented people with other companies like WG and Big Bang so I like to have a little variety. Anyway, thanks for commenting. I hope you keep stopping by and feel free to drop me a line!

  3. hey! i’m here again.. ❤

    actually, i’ve know WG and BB since their debut due to the influence of having korean friends..hehe.. but… they don’t have that “something” to keep me interested.. hehe.. they are talented in their own way, i would give them that.. especially BB.. so i’ll just give them a shoutout! wonderbang hwaiting! 🙂

    but there’s also a new artists that really interests me now, have you heard of IU? i was really surprised to hear her sing live..it was awesome! like her song, her mv, her style..and she’s freaking 15! (omg baby taem close your eyes and your ears!) hehe.. so there, maybe i’m also starting to have my own variety.. haha..

    and SHINee.. yeah, they are a definite. ❤

  4. Hey. thanks for coming back. 🙂

    Ah, that’s understandable – their styles aren’t for everybody. Lol at your shoutout though – it was a nice touch. ^^

    IU? No, I’ve never heard of her. She hasn’t been on any of the music shows recently, has she? Because I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen her name on any schedules. Hmm, but since you like her, I’ll check her out – hopefully I’ll like her too. I’m not surprised at her age though – there are so many talented youngsters these days! Where do they find them? (Oh, and don’t worry about Taeminnie – I don’t think he’s interested in girls yet. But give him another year or two and then…)

    Oh, and are you also on Soompi? Because I’ve seen someone with the same username on the SHINee thread there and it seems strange that there’d be two people with that name…

  5. Oh! I just checked out IU’s MV and one of her performances and I’m blown away! Her voice is just wow! I didn’t really like the video – I thought it was a bit creepy, although I applaud her for being different. I really like her song though – it’s extremely beautiful and haunting. I’ve got to keep an eye on her – maybe I’ll make a post about her. Thanks for putting me onto her. ^_^

  6. hi! just dropping by again!! haha! i’m glad you liked IU! she’s really awesome and her song too!she debuted this september.. there were actually articles praising her but i never really bothered checking her out at that time.. i’m glad i did now!! hehe! and have you listened to her other songs? it’s up on YT! i must say it was a pretty good mini-album..(like SHINee’s! )each song gave a different vibe.. so much different from Mia! ❤

    i guess i liked her mv coz i like creepy and gory things.. hehe

    nwei, i just hope she keeps appearing on music shows.. and that she gets a decent promotion coz talent is not enough to survive in the korean music industry! rofl..

    and yeah.. i’m the same person on soompi.. haha.. i was a lurker but decided to join the fun!! 🙂

  7. hehe.. anyway, since i’m bored i decided to just put up the links of her songs so that it would be easier for you in case you would want to check it out! hehe!

    you know:

    ugly duckling:

    every sweet day:

    feel so good:

    enjoy! ^^

  8. Oh, thanks so much for the links! That saves me a lot of trouble – now I don’t have to go and search for the songs. I’m definitely going to check out the rest of her mini-album – I heard there’s a lot of variety. I really like her voice – it’s strong but not overbearing and there’s a lot of range. Thanks again for putting me onto her.

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