Hi, Yesasia?

October 3, 2008

Yeah, well your website said that I would have my SHINee World cd in two weeks and guess what? Two weeks have officially passed and I still don’t have it. And I understand that you’re shipping it all the way across the world but still, do you think maybe you could work on getting it here by like next week? Maybe? Please? I’m begging you here. I really want my SHINee cd with my lovely, bright, colour picture booklet in my hands.


A desperate SHINee fangirl

So if you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering why I don’t just download the tracks while I wait or listen to them on Youtube since I’m obviously so desperate to have my cd. Well, if you really want to know, then you should read my other post – it should be about three below/behind this one – titled No Air. Yeah, it’ll explain everything.

But seriously, I’m dying over here. I really want to hear SHINee World and Love’s Way and Romantic and Graze and pretty much everything on the cd. Honestly, the mini-album tracks are not enough…ugh, must. listen. to. SHINee….but must not break vow…

On the brighter side, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to SHINee for winning the Best Newcomer Award at the 2008 Asia Song Festival. Ah, I’m so happy for my boys – they really deserve it! I hope the awards keep pouring in! Hmm, now I’m going to go look for a new header shot – ’cause I’m tired of the one I have. Laters.



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