SHINee Yunhanam Episode 10

October 2, 2008

So I just finished watching Episode 10 of SHINee’s Yunhanam and…I don’t really know what to say. It was funny – but in a weird way. And I know that all of the stuff that the noona did – which I won’t mention because you really need to see it – was probably totally scripted/fake and the whole point of this episode was to garner laughs but I couldn’t help feeling weirded out all the same. I mean, they didn’t need to make it funny – it was already hilarious. That said, there were some cute moments, a good bit of Onew sangtae (Condition) and um, the boys were very good-natured about the whole thing. I briefly wondered if they knew what was supposed to happen but I don’t think so – they’re not very good at masking their feelings and their facial expressions throughout this whole episode were pretty telling. People said that Key seemed upset throughout this eppie but I didn’t see it – he seemed his usual good-natured self to me, if a little quieter than usual. Anyway, I know that there are people who will watch this and laugh and others who will be annoyed and I guess I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. I’m just weirded out – Episode 10 definitely didn’t meet my expectations. *sigh* In a way, it was even more disappointing than Episode 6 was. Maybe I should stop looking forward to it so much…



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