Lightning bolt!

October 2, 2008

So I used to write fan-fiction – ‘used to’ because I haven’t done any writing as of late – and I belong to several communities on Livejournal that present you with prompts to help you with your writing.

One of those communities, 31 days, gives you prompts for every day of the month and since a new one just started, I went looking for this month’s prompts just now and lo and behold, what should I see as the prompt for October 2nd?

2. shiny happy people

Remind you of anyone? XD Oh yeah, you best believe I will be writing something for tomorrow, God willing. But not about SHINee though – I can’t write real people fanfiction, it’s too weird. It’s just a personal thing.

Anyways, that’s all. I will go and find a way to occupy myself now so that I don’t end up watching the raw version of Yunhanam episode 10. Can’t wait to see it…

Adios, Maki.


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