No Air…

October 1, 2008

So I decided that since my SHINee World (Version A) cd is going to be here in a couple days – I’m hoping for Friday but I can’t be sure – I’m going to stop listening to the songs that I downloaded however many weeks ago so that when I get my cd in my hands – YAY! – and I put it on, they’ll feel fresh and new. 😀 Even if they don’t, it won’t really matter though since I already love all of the songs to bits.

You guys have to understand that this is a serious sacrifice for me – I’ve listened to that cd every single day since I got the songs at the beginning of the month. It’s my oxygen (lol!) – I can’t imagine going a day without hearing Love’s Way or Romantic but I’m going to try to exercise my self-control and do just that. I’m taking a last listen now (since I already listened to some of the songs today) and then that’s it, no more SHINee World for me until my actual cd comes.

On a side note, I watched the most recent Mnet Dr. Wide interview with the boys today (watch it! – there is cuteness, there is humour, there is music) and it reminded me of something I noticed the Korean press does with SHINee. They always refer to their fans as ‘noona fans’ and while I recognize that the majority of us are noonas to someone in the group (Oy Taemin – why so young?!), we’re not all noonas and it kind of annoys me when they infer that that’s the case. I dunno – maybe it’s just me who feels that way…

On a related note, did anyone else notice that whenever someone asks Taemin his age, he always says “I’m in my third year of junior high”? Lol, he never actually says his age! I dunno – I just thought it was funny…

Now I’ll leave you with some shots of my darlings – a Taemin gif from the same interview and the boys’ most recent iple picture – it’s very cute! Oh, and please buy the SHINee World cd! You can preview the songs on Youtube or even download them if you want BUT only if you’re going to buy the cd too. Come on, you guys – look down there at those beautiful, innocent faces…don’t you want to support them? Don’t you want them to be happy? Don’t you want them to be successful? Yes? Well then, buy their cd!

That was Maki with this week’s public service announcement – signing out!

Eye flickering
My boys


  1. It’s such a cute photo! Minho looks almost anorexic though. I’m trying to figure out whose hands are whose haha.

    And yay for Shinee winning at the Asia Song Festival! I just watched all their (great) performances.

    (Apologies for the commenting spree… just felt I had lots to say after listening to the album and watching bits and pieces of stuff ^^)

    Hope you get your CD (and oxygen) soon!

  2. Ah, I know! Yeah, I noticed that about Minho too….I’m not sure why. Ha, there does seem to be a surplus of hands all over the shot.

    Oh, I’m going to watch their performances now actually – I was too tired to do it last night. I’m excited though – I know they performed some of my favourite songs.

    Oh, it’s okay! Feel free to leave as many comments as you want – I’m happy to read them. Really. Oh, you listened to the album? What did you think?

    I actually kind of cheated and listened to some of the songs last night – ssh, don’t tell anyone! Yes, sadly I’m still waiting. Hopefully it will arrive this week.

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