Mushroom cuts, for the win!

September 29, 2008

How much do I love WG’s ‘Nobody’ performances? Let me count the ways…

I’ve heard people say all sorts of things about their performances – good and bad – and I think it’s time I add my two cents. You know, it’s funny – when I first heard Nobody, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I mean, it’s a nice song but I didn’t love it and sure, it did grow on me but I must say that watching those girls perform that song (and hearing the fans chant in between – HOMG! WONDERFULS ARE SO AWESOME) has given me a new love for that song.

Let me say first off – thank you JYP for letting them perform the ballad version of the song as an intro.  Now I like the dance version and everything but the ballad seriously blows it out of the water – it is, without a doubt, the best WG song I’ve ever heard. Now I don’t love the sexy dancing they do to it – I think it takes away from the song a bit – but other than that, I think the performances are great! I love the letter chairs they’ve got and the cubicles they used on the Music Core stage were amazing, I wish they’d use them all the time. I’ll admit their vocals are not perfect – SunMi sounds shaky and nervous at the start of every performance I’ve watched but honestly, given the situation, that’s to be expected. I would like to see more confidence (and life, honestly she seems kind of dead these days) from her but I have no doubt that that will come in time. I know the girls are probably super-tired since they just got back from New York and everything so I can forgive her that – besides, she doesn’t sound bad, just really soft. So Hee – OMG, I can’t stop raving about this girl, she actually sounds good! I mean, seriously she’s constantly hitting all of her notes and you can barely hear her struggling. This is a time to rejoice, people – seriously. By the way, I’m not hating on SoHee (she’s my favourite member actually) – it’s just that she often has trouble performing live just like another mushroom headed person I know... Oh, I’m really glad they decided to focus on SoHee and SunMi in this song actually – I think that’s really great, them being the youngest and all.

Anyway, the others are amazing! SunYe is as full of life and verve and charisma as she always is and she looks stunning in the retro style (hmm, didn’t I say that already? XD) and she sounds really good on stage. Ye Eun, who is rapidly climbing her way up my favourites list, looks uber-cool and she sounds very nice too. She struggles at times, especially when it comes time for her to hit that high note but other than that, I think she’s doing really well. I wish they’d change her hair colour though…>_> Oh, and YooBin – fantastic as always. (Did I mention I love YooBin too? Hmm, I always seem to end up loving the rappers in groups…) Oh, and I nearly died when she did her rap in the ballad version on MC – I was so happy, especially because I felt like I wasn’t seeing her at all during the ballad performance. I find she really blends in during these performances which is odd because to me, she tends to stand out the most.

I know most people loved the red dresses from the Music Bank performance and while I liked those too, I’m actually pretty fond of their other outfits. I think the pink dresses really add glamour and elegance to the song and the patterned ones are really true to the era they’re channeling. So I generally like everything – I’m not saying they don’t have work to do, I’m not saying they always sound good – but they were good performances and I think the girls really improved with each one. That makes me really happy. Ha, I’m starting to sound like a Wonderful…still chilling in the SHINee World, folks, don’t worry.

So I will leave you with the Wonder Girls’ comeback stage from last night on Inkigayo:

Adios, Maki.


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