I want ‘Nobody’, ‘Nobody’ but you…

September 22, 2008

All right so WG’s new MV is FINALLY out! Whoo, and the girls are bringing retro back with their hot, new 70’s looks!

No, but seriously, I just watched the MV and I think it’s cool. The style is very different from their other MVs but it’s a welcome change. I finally got a glimpse or fifty of Mr. JYP and you even get to hear him sing! To be honest, I think the MV could have done without him. Yes, it was necessary for the plot of the MV but I didn’t really need to see so much of JYP sitting on a toilet seat, thank you very much.

Anyway on to the girls, the retro style looks really good on all of them, although I don’t think it really suits So Hee. Still Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Sun Mi look amazing and well, we all know that Yoo Bin looks good in everything. I think the dance that they do in the beginning of the MV is very cute and easy to do but it doesn’t really look like the kind of thing that people will want to imitate like ‘Tell Me’. That’s okay though – they don’t always have to start a dance trend!

All of the headline shots of them topping the charts and such were very clever and the part with the purple background was super-cute. However, the ending part in the gold dresses is my favourite. At times, the dancing looks awkward in those dresses but the girls all look very confident there and Yoo bin and Sun Ye look fierce and very hot so overall I think it was a good MV. I give it a B+

As for the song – I loved the teaser we got of the ballad version. I think the vocals are stunning there and I really thought that that was the version that was being released so when I heard the dance version, I was a little put off. I didn’t love the electronica at first but after listening to it a few times, it’s grown on me. The vocals aren’t bad and you can definitely hear SoHee’s improvement (Yay!), although of course it doesn’t compare to the ballad version (which I’m dying to hear). I do find the ending a bit abrupt but I love YooBin’s rap and after a few listens, you get used to it. Most people are talking about how different the song sounds compared to ‘So Hot’ and ‘Tell Me’ and I know some people don’t like the change but I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. I’m happy to hear a different sound from the Wonder Girls – it means that they’re versatile – or at least trying to be. So I’m saying good job, WG! I hope this comeback works out for you and I’m really glad you didn’t keep that ‘sexy’ look you were working with before.

WG fighting!


P.S:- I finally learned all of the WG’s names! I’m so excited!



  1. I love it!

    • That’s great! Make sure to check out their older stuff as well.

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