SHINee Yunhanam Episode 8 [EDITED]

September 19, 2008

Yay! Episode eight’s out!!! Thank you so much to shineesubs for all of the wonderful work they do for us international SHINee fans! I’m going to go watch it now. Be back later.

Btw, in case you were wondering why I made a post just for this, it’s because I always plan to talk about the new episode and then I get distracted and don’t so this time, I’m starting from now so I’ll have to edit this and talk about it.

…Is it sad that SHINee’s show is basically my favourite thing on television right now? Seriously, I don’t get this excited about new episodes of any of the shows that I watch on cable and if I miss those, it barely even bothers me. *sigh* SHINee’s show has also replaced the new Naruto manga chapter as my reason to look forward to Fridays…not weekends, those don’t make much of a difference to me. Anyway, I’ve done enough rambling – off to watch Episode eight!


Part 1 – So they go to a gym and find a bunch of sports and rhythmic gymnastics stuff and they start to fool around with it – Minho starts to play basketball, Taemin starts to play badminton, Jonghyun picks up the hula hoop and so on.. and they wonder about whether or not the noona’s coming. Just then, she happens to walk in with a gymnastics ribbon baton and immediately starts to show them some of her moves. The boys all look extremely impressed/shocked, especially MinHo – seriously, check out his face! – and ask her to do some more. So she does a short routine to ‘My Heart Will Go on’ and then segues into one to Replay. Aww, Taemin said he was touched that she performed to their song. That was sweet.
Anyway, then the noona attempts to teach them some rythmic gymnastics moves, first using hula hoops, then with some balls. I’m not sure they picked up much, to be honest. There’s generally a good bit of fooling around and the poor noona’s totally lost as to how to get them to be serious. This, of course, works out for Minho since he rarely joins in with their roughhousing and so he and the noona get some alone time since he’s practically the only one really trying to do it right. Well, Onew tried to do the hula hoop stuff right too but he just ended up hurting himself. T_T Oh my gosh, and I nearly fell off the bed then because the narrator lady actually sang the ‘Onew condition’ song at one point. Oy, poor Onew’s becoming known for being a klutz. Lol, Key killed me when he said ‘if you know a hospital where we can take him, leave it on the Yunhanam board’ – although I think he was talking about Jonghyun there (who acted pretty silly as well) and not Onew.

Finally when the noona’s done showing them stuff, she tells them to come up with a routine and says that she’ll pick the person who works the hardest as today’s Yunhanam. So they start preparing while the noona looks on with a clipboard from above. Lots of random stuff happens – Key actually manages to do a good bit of the moves but you can tell he’s not really serious about it. Then Jonghyun, TaeMin and MinHo start to do the LLO dance with the balls in their hands. Finally they finish ”practicing’ and do the routine to ‘Love Like Oxygen’. They basically incorporate some rhythmic gymnastics into the LLO dance and then they act silly and you can see the noona killing herself laughing. Oh, the funniest part came at the end though when Onew does his hula hoop move and then everyone, literally everyone in the group, turns and throws their stuff at him. Poor Sundubu, he has to take so much abuse. So the performance is done and now it’s time for the noona to reveal the results.

Part 2 – So she does the results the way they’re announced at sporting events with the little podium. I thought she was just going to do the first three but she actually does five, even though she starts with third place. I think she was only going to do three but then Key went and stood in the second place position before she announced it (silly boy) and so she told him to stand next to Taemin since he was in fourth place. Lol! So Jonghyun gets the silver medal – I was surprised, I thought it’d be Onew – and then Onew goes and stands next to Key because he knows he’s not going to get picked this time. And he’s right – because MinHo gets the gold! Whoo-hoo, FINALLY! I knew this was his time. I felt so bad for Onew though – I mean, he said that ‘it didn’t hurt my pride, because I’m Onew!‘ *thumbs up* but I don’t believe that. Let’s all hope he gets picked next time, nae?
Anyway, then they sing the SHINee World national anthem which is of course, ‘Love Like Oxygen’ and Key says what I assume is the SHINee World pledge. Oh, and MinHo keeps biting the medal which was very cute. So Minho gets to pick what they’re going to do next and he suggests soccer (where I come from, it’s called football). And the others, meaning JongKey, of course, tease him about it – ‘what kind of girl would like that?’ Pfft, I know some – I’m not one but you know, they’re around. Then MinHo and the noona walk off and leave them there and the noona talks about why she likes Minho.
So they do actually play football. The teams are Jonghyun and Taemin, the ‘Daejang‘ team and the couple’s team which is of course Minho and the noona. The prize is food, snacks really. Lol. Before they start, they take markers and draw on white t-shirts and make uniforms. Even Key and Onew do it, even though they’re just the commentators. Key’s shirt is the best, by the way – I would totally buy that if it were an actual one. I lol’ed at Key still using his MC mike. I’m not sure he’ll ever get rid of it… So they play one session – Minho scores three goals, the other side gets none. In the break, JH and TaeMin complain about how hard it is to play against Minho and then they scheme to steal the food if they don’t win. Coincidentally, Minho, who obviously knows them too well, realizes that they’re planning something but doesn’t take it seriously. Then just before the second half, they ask to bring in another player which turns out to be a staff writer for the show. Poor lady, she seemed so embarrassed. It was a good thing though because she’s the reason they got any goals at all. MinHo also scores another goal and so the couple team wins. It doesn’t matter though since the other team steals the food and runs off with it. JongHyun says that he’s actually good at football but he didn’t want to make MinHo look bad so he didn’t try to win. Sure Bling-bling, I’ll pretend to believe you. Oh, and Taemin accidentally hurts the noona with the ball and he feels really bad about it – unlike with model noona in episode 6. Hmm…further proof he didn’t like her.

Part 3 – So the game finishes done and the thieves return from lower down on the playing field to wave good-bye. ONE ON ONE DATE TIME!!! So MinHo waits at the bottom of a cable car ride for the noona in the lovely black and grey striped outfit that they performed Romantic in and then she comes and she’s wearing a really cute, black and white dress suit thing. It was super-cute! But you know what was even cuter? The date! I don’t know – I feel like I was watching two people on a real date. There was definitely some awkwardness but it was a sweet sort of thing that I would assume is typical of first dates. So they go on the cable car and the noona acts the way I would, which is to be scared and not want to look outside (good thing Key wasn’t there…) – but Minho pulls her up and holds her arm to try to steady her a bit. So cute!
Then suddenly it’s night and you see the two of them walking up a long set of stairs and they decide to do a rock-papers-scissors game to make going up the staircase more interesting. The noona wins (I think he let her) and then he has to carry her on his back. MinHo says that he pretends she’s light because he figured she’d be embarrassed. See how sweet and considerate he is! Thank you, noona for picking him – now I’m sorry I don’t remember your name. They cut to the losers then who are walking up a hill in the same area and looking exhausted, especially Key umma. You’d think he’d be a little bit more fit since he’s a dancer and all.
Anyway, back to the date – so they go up to a tower and look out at the view and MinHo says that this is his first time going there and he chose to go there with the noona because he felt that it make their date more special. The noona says that she felt nervous then because he used the word ‘first’. Okay…Anyway, then they go and get a portrait done and they have to sit very close together while MinHo puts his arm around the noona and they’re both visibly embarrassed. It’s very cute…up until JongKey come and interrupt them. You know, I think it’s kind of unfair that the two of them are always interrupting other people’s dates when no one interrupted theirs – but it does make for good tv. So JongKey feign anger and quarrel at MinHo, Onew and Taemin stay quiet and the noona looks amused/embarrassed. Minho then tries to subtly tell them to leave with a not-quite-so pleased look on his face which of course, Jonghyun and Key imitate. Lorsh, those boys kill me…I don’t know how the others deal with them. They do finally leave though, faux-apologizing and claiming that they’re afraid of what Minho will do to them.

So the losers go outside where there’s a wall of locks (insert Key jokes here) and Taemin suggests they write stuff (wishes? Doesn’t seem like it) on some locks and put them on the wall. He then produces a pen, prompting JH to suggest that this is something he really wanted to do. They each write things about SHINee on different coloured locks, then lock them together at JH’s request and put them on the wall after Key umma reads all of the inscriptions first. All of the inscriptions were cute but Jonghyun’s was my favourite – ‘I love you SHINee, you jerks.‘ Key feigns offense at this and they hug after JH clarifies that he’s just saying that he loves them (Onew jumps into the hug as well). Oh, OnJongKey. ^^ They were playing ‘Best Place’ in the background, by the way – not during the hug though, afterwards.
Now back to the couple – So Minho and the noona are sitting at a table talking and he asks her why she chose him. She says she saw that he was considerate and then he says he’s going to the bathroom. LIE. I was suspicious right away because that was kind of sudden and they’ve never shown anyone talking about going to the bathroom before even though I’m pretty sure they do. Now what really happens is that he goes to the car where the others are and asks them for a pen and a book that he apparently reads every day called ‘Troll Story’ (I’m hoping that’s not the real title) and then he writes an inscription in it for the noona. Check out JH’s face then – his expression is so cute! Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the rest of the surprise but it was thoughtful and kind and to think that he came up with that on the spot was amazing. Aww, Minho’s definitely carved out a place in my heart now. It was lovely – and the noona actually started to cry! I couldn’t believe it – but maybe I would have too. Who knows? It reminded me of Key’s first date – with the lovely surprise at the end.

Seriously, where can I sign up to be on this show?! I really want to do this. I think watching this show is slowly killing me. Well, that’s it – I hope you enjoyed my review. Thanks for reading!


P.S: I want to put most of this post under a cut. How exactly do you do that?



  1. Minho has won my heart too, I loved his expression when the noona said she thought him very considerate. But I went to watch the ep on Key’s first date and I’d love to have such a star necklace too ~ argh.

  2. You read this whole entry? Wow, insta-cool points for you! Hmm, you know I could do without the necklace just as long as I got to spend the day with him AND have him make the candle heart for me. ^_^ But they were both very sweet gestures – and Minho got so embarrassed when she started to cry. Aaw, all of the boys are so nice.

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