Feeling out of the loop…

September 19, 2008

You know, the problem with being new to K-pop is that while everyone is spazzing about {insert name here} *cough*DBSK*cough*, I often end up feeling out of the loop because I’m not familiar with whoever that is and so the excitement is lost on me.

It’s like when everyone was freaking out about the latest events in the Naruto manga but I couldn’t relate because I didn’t read the manga at that time. Then when I finally did start to read it and I got to all of the big revelations that everyone was talking about, there were more important, bigger ones happening and everyone else had moved on to those. So of course, I had no one to talk to about it because by then, it was old news.

Maybe I should use a more pertinent example…like when SHINee did the special stage with Suju H, it seemed like everyone else practically had a heart attack because it reminded them of thirteen and other Suju-related things but naturally, my excitement was kind of muted because I don’t really know Suju very well. So for me, it was just like “Oh hey, SHINee’s performing a song other than LLO – and with their sunbaenims at that” but I wasn’t particularly excited about it. At times like this, I feel like such a n00b. 😦

Hmm, this post’s kind of pointless, I guess…sorry about that. Anyway, I guess that means that I should try to get updated on my veteran K-pop groups as soon as possible. I should probably spend less YT time watching SHINee vids and watch something else – or better yet get off the net. Ha, that’ll be the day!

Good night, Maki.



  1. I feel the same! I actually used to despise those who liked music they couldn’t understand so its kinda hard to justify it to myself sometimes. =P So far I’ve been listening to some Kpop bands and I must say, SHINee is by far the best for me. I may be biased of course, from all those episodes I’m watching religiously lol. Some of DBSK’s songs left me cold like Mirotic (I spelt it wrong, didn’t I?) but I really love Rising Sun and Your Love Is All I Need. It feels like an impossible task to ever “catch up” to everyone else though. Oh well. As long as my life is all SHINee and good, I’m happy. =P

  2. Ha, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about getting into K-pop. It certainly feels almost like a herculean task. But you’re right – even if the other groups don’t grab you, stick with SHINee! They should be enough. 😀
    Ah well, I’ve always listened to music in other languages so it’s not at all weird for me. I consider music to be the universal language. ^^ It just makes getting into songs slower, that’s all.
    Ha, yes, apparently reality shows are the gateway drugs for K-pop fans…or so the Suju fans tell me. I’ve only really heard the DBSK songs from this new mini-album and ‘Love in the Ice’, of course, but I’ll definitely check those other two out. Oh, and you totally spelled Mirotic right!
    Well, have you checked out Epik High? I don’t know how you feel about rap but I personally find their music to be brilliant and they just released their first mini-album, Lovescream so you should check that out. In their case though, it’s definitely important to try to find out what they’re saying because their music is very socially conscious and deep. They’re good in small doses, I think. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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