Congratulations SHINee! [EDITED]

September 18, 2008

Now you probably already know this – or maybe you don’t but – SHINee won number one on M! Countdown! Yay!!! I’m really, really excited and extremely happy for them. Those boys have been working so hard since they debuted (and certainly before) so to see them get this award – and see their reactions! – makes me so happy. They deserve this for all of their hard work and I hope they feel accomplished. From their reactions, they just seemed overwhelmed – but in a good way. I’m very pleased for them and extremely proud to be a part of SHINee World (lol). Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it:

Besides that, the boys also performed Romantic for the first time (Romantic, yes! My second favourite song!) and Love Like Oxygen. The Romantic performance was amazing. You would think that by now, I’d be used to Jonghyun’s amazing vocals but watching that performance and seeing him hit almost every single note was just mindblowing. Boy, they really trained him well…anyway, the others sounded great too and they harmonized really well. If you don’t believe me, watch the performance again but instead of actually watching it, put down the window and just listen to it. They sounded really good and the JongKey duet thing was unbelievable – they sounded so good! I kind of feel like I didn’t hear Minho in that perf though – I’m not sure why…I saw him singing…

Anyway, the LLO performance was just as great as it always is. And there’s an added bonus since the boys wore the colourful outfits from their MV for this performance. I don’t think they’ve ever performed in them before so it was very cool and a bit of a surprise at that. Also I’m really starting to hear MinHo more often now when he sings his duet part with Taemin – actually he seemed really into this performance. I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’m not saying he isn’t always into it, it’s just that he had his game face on for the whole thing this time instead of just the rap. Hmm, I’m really starting to see the charisma. Or maybe it’s just that he’s getting more close-ups now…that certainly helps. XD

In the Romantic performance, while of course everyone did their best, Key and Jonghyun really stood out to me and I found it interesting that they were also the ones who were crying the hardest when they won. It was really touching though. Oh and I have to give Taemin props for not breaking down as well – he was a bit teary-eyed at first but he managed to keep his composure. And Leader-shi did very well too – he managed to remain composed long enough to say thanks and everything but then he started crying too. There’s also a fancam where you see him comforting the others and so on and it really enforces your idea of him as the leader. Aww, sundubu’s really growing on me, you guys – now I officially heart them all. And I keep hearing people saying that MinHo was teary-eyed too but I didn’t see it. He looked slightly stunned but other than that, he was his usual calm self. Anyway, the important thing is

Shining SHINee is Number One!!!


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