Mnet Countdown

September 12, 2008

So….I had originally been planning to come and talk about Episode 7 of SHINee’s reality show but I made the mistake of watching the latest installment of their hosting of Mnet’s Countdown Ranking and now I have officially lost the ability to think. So here, just watch it – there are no words…except that, I think I’ve fallen in love with Minho. Dang it, they’re just getting me one by one! First Jonghyun, then Key, now Minho! *sigh*


Okay, I think I’ve regained control of my mental faculties now. The first thing I have to say is whoever the hairstylist was for that show, that person should style their hair EVERY DARN DAY!!! Everyone’s hair looked so wavy and smexified except for Taemin but that’s okay because he doesn’t need any sexification. We’ll just let him be cute for now, the cute is good.

So…Key looked really, really adorable in this segment! Like, really cute – like ‘if he was in my class, there’s no way I’d be staring at the board’ cute. He also looked – and acted – extremely cunning/mischievous too – shame on him though, trying to scheme his way to the top. lol. Oh, and they all looked so lovely in their uniforms, except for Ondubu, of course, because he was the teacher. Lol, teacher Onew – I really liked his yellow finger.

Oh, you should watch this for the expressions. Because the expressions in this segment KILLED me, killed me dead! Everyone had some funny look going for them but number one has got to be Minho’s charismatic looks, especially when he was ‘sharing thoughts’ (lol!) with Taemin. My lorsh, the CHARISMA!!! Where did it come from?! How come I haven’t seen it before? Well, honestly, he’s just oozing it now. Minho fighting!

Hmm, anything else…just that this is THE BEST M! COUNTDOWN EVER! I really hope they just keep getting better – I can’t imagine what they could do to top this one. Although I’m sure they will…XDD


P.S: I think someone read my post about Minho because he’s getting way more attencion now…or maybe he’s just finally becoming comfortable in front of ze cameras. Either way, I’m happy. 😀



  1. haha, another SHINee spazzer. xD and a MINHO LOVER at that. 😀 I’ve been Minho’s since the beginning… his deep voice and aegyo!charisma (and now his acclaimed flaming charisma) captured my heart xDXDXDXD it’s quite embarrassing how much I neglected the other members during their debut. XDXD ❤ SHINee spazzing galore! :]

  2. It does seem like there are an awful lot of SHINee spazzers here on WordPress, doesn’t it? Lol, that’s partly why I joined actually. XD

    Don’t worry – I initially ignored the others in favour of Taemin and Bling-Bling so I totally get where you’re coming from. Lol, but as soon as I started watching the reality show, I couldn’t understand how I had bypassed these amazing boys. 😀 He, thanks for commenting.

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