SHINee’s Reality Show

September 5, 2008

Dang it, if the next noona does not pick Minho, I am going to fly to Korea, find SHINee, squeal fangirlishly for about a day, and then go on a date with him myself!

Why won’t they pick Minho?! I know Key and Jonghyun are cute and funny and charming and Taemin is adorable and fun but Minho’s a really sweet, caring person and it makes me so sad every time an episode goes by and Minho gets bypassed AGAIN!




So you’re probably thinking, what about Onew? He hasn’t been picked either.

Well – and this is just my opinion but – sometimes when you look at Minho, you can really see his vulnerability and he really seems genuinely upset when he doesn’t get picked. I’m not saying it doesn’t affect Onew either but I think it’s easier for Onew, since he’s older and all, to get over it than for Minho. Of course, this is based solely on what I see in the show so I could be wrong but it’s honestly what I think.


a fuming Maki



  1. ahaha i totally agree with you!…i loveee minho he’s just the sweetest guy!…I think he’s the perfect date..ahahh! those girls r fools! ….
    btww..Im a fan from Panama =)

  2. Minho should be picked everytime. xD!

  3. Oh Panama – cool~ Hi! They’re not fools…they’re just being swept off their feet by the more talkative members of the group. I’m glad someone agrees with me though. Thanks for commenting!

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