September 5, 2008

And since there wasn’t enough SHINee in my last post…I watched the extended version of their Mnet news interview a little while ago (Watch it, watch it now!) and nearly died laughing.


– Minho talking!!! and modeling…ooh~

– Taemin smiling BIGBIGBIG and just being too cute for words

– Jonghyun being verrry humble – lol, just watch it.

– Onew grinning just before he fakes a sad look for the camera.

– Key doing the ‘wall walking’ move behind Minho’s head

– The hairstylist fixing Jonghyun’s hair while he talked to Onew and Key (What? I thought it was funny…)

– Jonghyun calling Onew “hyung”

– Onew’s new hairstyle (bedhead!) – I seriously think they should leave it like that…I love it.

– Key acting very weird…”I am healthy”. Okaaaaaaay.

AND ULTIMATELY, Key pushing Jonghyun out of the way and telling the camera crew “good job” in the funniest voice ever! It makes me laugh every single time.



  1. Could I add one more –

    Key putting his arms around Jonghyun when Jonghyun plopped into his lap. (I replayed it just to make sure.)

  2. Lol, that was actually on the list but after watching it again, I took it off because it seems to be a normal occurrence (for them anyway) – just judging from their expressions, or lack thereof. I’ll add it to the list though if you want me to. ^^

  3. LOL you don’t have to, but thanks for offering ^^ Happy to know we both noticed it!

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