Music Rivalries

September 4, 2008

One of the guys on Jeopardy tonight had Onew’s hairstyle. Sorry, I couldn’t help noticing it.

You know I don’t understand why some people act as though you have to choose sides when it comes to music. Like the people who don’t listen to SNSD just because they like the Wonder Girls or vice versa. Yes, I understand that they are the two main girl groups but there’s no actual rivalry between them so why should there be one among their fans? I think it’s silly not to listen to a particular group just because they are your favourite group’s ‘rivals’. This is music, people, not politics – you don’t have to choose one! You should just listen to whatever you enjoy…*sigh*

In other news, I got my Chinese textbook. It looks totally alien to me – but that’s okay, I already knew learning the language was going to be a challenge. Also, I saw the official pictures from the Wonder Girls’ new music video and I am loving the retro vibe! Mushroom cuts, ftw! I’m starting to get really excited for their new album. WG fighting!


By the way, Episode 6 of SHINee’s reality show is out! Going to check it out after I watch the new 90210 – I missed it on Tuesday night since I was too busy watching SHINee things.


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