SHINee Album Review [EDITED]

September 3, 2008

So while my mom monopolized the phone in my room and prevented me from using the net, I decided to finally sit down and write this album review. (I mean, I was listening to it anyway – I might as well.)

Now you should know that I’m no musician so my review is based solely on my own, personal experience of the cd and it’s probably a little biased since I’m writing it after having listened to it a gazillion times in the last seven days. And I’m not sick of it yet – wow. You can feel free to disagree with anything, I say – I mean, it’s really just my opinion but it’d be great if you’d give the cd a try at least.

Anyway, I’m now looking at the romanized lyrics that vicvickyrox posted on the SHInee community on LJ today (Credits to naver.com & PurpleSnow@wordpress) and all I have to say is I do not give Taemin enough credit! He really sings a lot. By the way, I know that quite a few songs on the cd are remakes but I don’t know which ones they are and I’d like to remain in my ignorance regarding that. Thanks for reading if you do!

So without further ado:

~Maki’s SHINee World Album Review~

Overall, I really liked this cd which is a little surprising since I’m not really one for ballads – usually when I’m listening to a cd for the first time, I skip over the slow songs and listen to them later on when I’ve got more time (or I just never listen to them…sorry Rihanna). However, I couldn’t really do that with this cd since it’s comprised mostly of those (and by ballads, I mean, love songs of a slower tempo). I know some people were disappointed that there weren’t more dance tracks (and in a way, I was too – I really wanted more songs to dance to) but I think the plan here was to showcase the vocal talent in the group and I think they really managed to do that. I mean, if they couldn’t sing, there was no way they would have pulled off all of those love songs (and there are a lot of love songs). One of the things I really liked about them though is that even though they’re love songs, they’re not really slow and dragging – they still manage to be quite upbeat, even the ones about heartache.

Now since I speak absolutely no Korean, I focused mainly on the sound of each song and then as I learnt each voice, the way their voices blended together and sounded on their own. I have to say that these boys harmonize really well together. I mean, the choruses were often my favourite part of the songs because of course, that’s when I got to hear them sing together and they always sound really good. I find Jonghyun and Key’s voices to be the most distinctive and so the easiest to pick out. Unfortunately, I’m still mixing up Taemin and Onew’s voices – I think it’s mainly because I can’t believe how mature Taemin sounds when he sings. And Minho has a lovely voice – I really don’t know why he doesn’t sing more. Speaking of, initially, I wasn’t keen on all of the rap in the songs but now I really like Minho and Key’s parts and I think that they really add something extra to the songs.

This is one of those rare albums where I listen to every song and the exception here is “Y Si Fuera Ella”. I know a lot of people like it and you’d think I would too considering how much I love Jonghyun’s voice but…I just think it’s boring. Sorry! I’m going to listen to it again though and see if I can hear what everyone else does – I mean, I really want to like it, I just don’t. You would think it’d be hard to pick out a favourite on a great album like this but I’ve managed to choose a few. Love’s Way, Romantic and Graze really stand out to me, Love’s Way in particular. Oy, Jonghyun’s voice in that song just kills me – they all sound really good though and I feel that it’s a really nice first album and a great way to enter the pop scene. I just hope I’m not the only one who sees it that way.

Ultimately, I’ll give it an A-. (Grade changed – see edit.)

edit from Sep. 10th:

So, I finally took another listen to ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ and OMG, I love it! I don’t know what happened before – maybe it’s because I was so blown away by the rest of the album that I didn’t pay as much attention to this song as I should have but whoa, this song is really amazing. Last night when I listened to it again, it really blew me away. And I’m listening to it right now and ~replay~ing it non-stop. So yes, I take back what I said before – ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ is a great song, it is not boring or soporific – it is lovely and it really allows Jonghyun to showcase his vocal ability so props to SME for giving him a solo. Yay, now I can honestly give SHINee World an A++.

Laters, Maki.



  1. when i listened to the album for the first time, i must say i wasn’t impressed. i think the album’s a little repetitive and too mature for them. and i’m guilty of having great expectations of the album……


    i was so disappointed. ): but i really like IN MY ROOM (unplugged). their voices are hauntingly beautiful, and the song’s more worth replaying over and over as compared to the original version.

    as for “Y Si Fuera Ella”.. don’t bash me, but i only listened to like half of it before skipping to another track. it sounded really boring and uninspiring. the next few times it started playing, since the album is on replay, i completely skipped it.

    butttttttttt when it played on itunes, when i was slacking ard at home, i must say it sounded better. maybe it has to do with space and all, the song sounds better. i think it’s a song that has to grow on you.. just like IN MY ROOM was, for me. (:

    i think the songs in this album don’t make the cut for me, but after listening to them over and over, they sound better. i think the problem is that their MINI ALBUM has too many songs that are memorable, such that the FIRST ALBUM pales in comparison. (>.<)

    can’t wait to see them perform the songs live~ i hope it’s 100% the same as the mp3. HAHAHAHA. as i said, i have high expectations for the boys. <333

    must listen to the album more, i can’t catch TAEMIN’s voice as of now.. but as for KEY, ONEW and JONGHYUN, it’s really easy, especially JONGHYUN and ONEW, their voices are very distinctive.

    AND I WANT MORE SINGING PARTS FOR MINHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i don’t really know how his singing voice is like. *headdesks* and i’m a MINHO fan. *smashes keyboard* ;_;

  2. You didn’t like it? That sucks. ;_; I’m sorry. I definitely get what you’re saying about the repetitiveness though – the song styles were quite similar but that didn’t bother me. To me, it made an easier transition for each track because the slow songs were all around the same tempo. That’s why I don’t really understand why ‘Love’s Way’ comes between the two dance tracks – it makes for a really weird change. (You seriously didn’t like that one? That makes me really sad.)

    Would you believe that I can’t hear the difference between the two versions of In My Room’? They both sound the same to me – that’s why I only put the ‘unplugged’ version on my iPod.

    I’m glad I’m not the only non-fan of ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’. I hate to say it but I would totally forget I was listening to it – and Jonghyun’s voice is usually so loud and clear. I think it’s the verses – he has to sing them very softly and he’s only able to belt out stuff at the chorus (and the belting’s what he’s particularly good at). I did listen to the vocal version though and I liked it a bit more then – but still not enough to add it to my iPod though.

    Ha, use the lyrics – they really help. When you start to recognize Minho’s singing voice, you’ll love him even more. It’s very beautiful.

    Aw, I’m sad that you didn’t like it as much as I did. Wonder what that says about me… I really hoped everyone would like it…*sigh* Hopefully, they’ll be able to kill the performances of these songs and then come back with some more upbeat, dance tracks like Replay. At least, we’ve still got Replay~

  3. I agree with you in every part. I was a bit dissappointed to that they haven’t more dance tracks, but when the more I listen to the album the more the ballads grow on me and now I LOVE the album.

    And yeah: I’m dissappointed of Jonghyun’s solo as well. When I heard about he’d get a solo before album release, I was so happy and excited, cause among of them I love his voice the most and had high expectations. I don’t want to say his solo would totally suck, no, I mean it’s, like you already said, boring. Nothing really special and unfortunately I don’t like spanish tunes. So this song isn’t really one I’d LOVE to, but nevertheless Jonghyun’s voice sounds amazing in this.

  4. Hi kokoruri. Yay, I’m happy to hear that you liked the album because I really loved it. And you’re right, Jonghyun’s voice does sound amazing in ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ – it just doesn’t astound me like it usually does. That’s all. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thought I’d give the album a few more listens before I add my own comment. It took time to grow on me – initially I only liked Romantic and Y Si Fuera Ella (I like Latin dance and music) but now I like most of the songs. The contemporary R&B sound does seem rather mature for the boys, but it’s refreshingly different from the catchy pop / heartwrenching ballad stuff that’s predominant in the music scene (not that I don’t like those) and they do harmonise well. It might be fun to see what other styles they can experiment with; I would have liked an Onew solo or an OnJong duet, but I’m not really complaining. Looking forward to more live performances from them!

    Oh, and eh. Not sure where to post this, but I speak Chinese (or sort of). So, willing to help out anytime ^_^

  6. […] That’s them! Ha, they’re a Korean boy band that just debuted and fortunately, they’re receiving a lot of support (Yay!). Anyway, I’m developing a serious obsession with them – I got their album the day before yesterday and it’s been on repeat nonstop since then. I could talk your ear off about them but since this is my first post, I’ll stop here. I’ll probably say more in my next post and I really want to do a full review of their album, The SHINee World (which is amazing – I seriously suggest you check it out) but that will be for another…hour probably. edit: Read the album review HERE. […]

  7. As an older fan (older than them), they never really appealed to me…. Until recently when I heard ring ding dong, then I gave their other songs a chance and I now love jojo, amigo and replay. Me thinks I lights give their earlier songs a chance after reading their review. I’m more of a dbsk fan and I’ve heard ppl saying shinee could be the ‘heir to the throne’… What I’m seeing and hearing from shiner right now, I have to agree!

    Gak!! I can’t afford another fandom!!!

    I know the names of the members but can only put faces to Jong hyun and Minho. I’ll work on the others!! 🙂

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