September 2, 2008

So this entry was inspired by an errant thought that I had while watching the RIDICULOUSLY HOT (HOMG!) SHINee World album scans. Anyway, I got to thinking about the tips that I would give each SHINee member if I was ever to meet them (with a translator obviously, cause I don’t speak Korean or Chinese) and after I got over my successive bouts of fangirlish squealing. Anyway here are my tips for each boy:

edit: You should know that after seeing new videos and interviews and such, my opinions have changed concerning most of these tips so don’t take them too seriously now, okay? Thanks.

Onew – Now I love how tremendously dorky Onew is – it’s part of his charm but I would really like to see him assert his authority as the leader just a smidge more often. This is probably just a personal preference but I’d really like to see that. Now I am pretty sure that he can rein in the other members, except Minho who would never need it and Taemin who I cannot fathom actually giving any trouble, if the need ever arose but I guess I’d just like to see him do that. At first I found it difficult to understand why Onew was the leader and not Jonghyun and while I get it now, I’d still like to see him act a little more…assertive, I suppose. By the way, you should totally check out his collaboration with Lee Hyunji on “Vanilla Love”. I just heard it and I think it’s really cute.

Taemin – Nothing. I tried really hard to think of one for him but all I could come up with was “stay as adorably innocent as you are” and since I’m trying to deal with more immediate things, that doesn’t really work.

Jonghyun – (:O I just realized I’m going in the order that they usually stand in – weird…) Smile more. In photoshoots, I mean. Out of all of those SHINee World scans, he was smiling in about one picture and I get that he’s trying to look cool and edgy but I’d really like to see him smile just a little more, especially since I’ve seen him goof off behind the scenes so I know he’s got a great smile.

Minho – Stay exactly the way you are. I know some people find Minho a tad boring or want him to loosen up but I don’t. I really like him just the way he is. It always bothers me when I see interviewers and the like putting him on the spot and trying to get him to talk – I mean I understand why they do it – fame and shyness aren’t really compatible but it just makes me want to shout at them to leave the boy alone. I don’t know why but I’m very protective of SHINee, Minho in particular.

Key – Nothing. Really, I tried to find something but I couldn’t. I would say smile more but it’s only because his smile melts my heart. Yeah, that’s how I felt then. Lol, I actually do have one for him now and it is ‘stop talking so much!’ Now listen, I love Key, I think he’s a riot, really but sometimes I really wish he would just stop talking – for at least five minutes. Five. It’s really not too much to ask. Hmm, I still love him though and I still think his smile is heart-melting, lol.

Anyway, that’s it for now – I will do that album review soon though.

By the way, it’s SHINee’s hundred day anniversary! In celebration of that, here’s a picture. SHINee fighting~

My new desktop background

My new desktop background


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