Just a short one today

September 2, 2008

Oh wow, I’m actually starting to listen to music other than SHINee again…progress~

Speaking of, I feel so bad! Because I’m totally neglecting my other fandoms for SHINee. Darn you SHINee, my fanfiction is suffering!

It’s no big deal though – when I get over my initial fangirlness, I’ll use my internet time more evenly in terms of my fandoms hopefully.

Hey! My mum’s going to pick up my Chinese textbook today – I can’t wait to get it! I really wanted to buy it myself – so that I don’t feel totally alien from the college experience but when I went on Saturday, the bookstore was closed. ;_; Anyway, my first class is on Saturday and I’m really excited. My first official college-level class – yay.

Maki (Still listening to U Go Girl…)


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