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Mushroom cuts, for the win!

September 29, 2008

How much do I love WG’s ‘Nobody’ performances? Let me count the ways…

I’ve heard people say all sorts of things about their performances – good and bad – and I think it’s time I add my two cents. You know, it’s funny – when I first heard Nobody, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I mean, it’s a nice song but I didn’t love it and sure, it did grow on me but I must say that watching those girls perform that song (and hearing the fans chant in between – HOMG! WONDERFULS ARE SO AWESOME) has given me a new love for that song.

Let me say first off – thank you JYP for letting them perform the ballad version of the song as an intro.  Now I like the dance version and everything but the ballad seriously blows it out of the water – it is, without a doubt, the best WG song I’ve ever heard. Now I don’t love the sexy dancing they do to it – I think it takes away from the song a bit – but other than that, I think the performances are great! I love the letter chairs they’ve got and the cubicles they used on the Music Core stage were amazing, I wish they’d use them all the time. I’ll admit their vocals are not perfect – SunMi sounds shaky and nervous at the start of every performance I’ve watched but honestly, given the situation, that’s to be expected. I would like to see more confidence (and life, honestly she seems kind of dead these days) from her but I have no doubt that that will come in time. I know the girls are probably super-tired since they just got back from New York and everything so I can forgive her that – besides, she doesn’t sound bad, just really soft. So Hee – OMG, I can’t stop raving about this girl, she actually sounds good! I mean, seriously she’s constantly hitting all of her notes and you can barely hear her struggling. This is a time to rejoice, people – seriously. By the way, I’m not hating on SoHee (she’s my favourite member actually) – it’s just that she often has trouble performing live just like another mushroom headed person I know... Oh, I’m really glad they decided to focus on SoHee and SunMi in this song actually – I think that’s really great, them being the youngest and all.

Anyway, the others are amazing! SunYe is as full of life and verve and charisma as she always is and she looks stunning in the retro style (hmm, didn’t I say that already? XD) and she sounds really good on stage. Ye Eun, who is rapidly climbing her way up my favourites list, looks uber-cool and she sounds very nice too. She struggles at times, especially when it comes time for her to hit that high note but other than that, I think she’s doing really well. I wish they’d change her hair colour though…>_> Oh, and YooBin – fantastic as always. (Did I mention I love YooBin too? Hmm, I always seem to end up loving the rappers in groups…) Oh, and I nearly died when she did her rap in the ballad version on MC – I was so happy, especially because I felt like I wasn’t seeing her at all during the ballad performance. I find she really blends in during these performances which is odd because to me, she tends to stand out the most.

I know most people loved the red dresses from the Music Bank performance and while I liked those too, I’m actually pretty fond of their other outfits. I think the pink dresses really add glamour and elegance to the song and the patterned ones are really true to the era they’re channeling. So I generally like everything – I’m not saying they don’t have work to do, I’m not saying they always sound good – but they were good performances and I think the girls really improved with each one. That makes me really happy. Ha, I’m starting to sound like a Wonderful…still chilling in the SHINee World, folks, don’t worry.

So I will leave you with the Wonder Girls’ comeback stage from last night on Inkigayo:

Adios, Maki.



September 27, 2008

So you know in everything – be it books or music or movies – we all have favourites, right? And some of us have favourites in the groups we like as well, right?

Well, I’ve got a favourite SHINee member – and I’m not sure how obvious I’ve been about this (I try not to be) – but I do. That’s not the point of this post though. I’m actually here to talk about my least favourite member – which doesn’t mean I don’t like him, I do – lots! – he’s just my number five out of the five. Who, you ask? Well….our dear leader-sshi unfortunately.

And you wouldn’t believe how bad I feel about it! I mean, I know so many people love him – and I like him too, I mean, Onew condition makes my life – but I just don’t like him as much as I do the others and it really bothers me because he’s the leader and he’s just so nice! And watching the reality show and seeing him not get picked – and have my own fav. picked twice – well, it makes me feel very bad about my own feelings towards him.

This just shows how much I like SHINee as a group though – because I have favourites in other groups and I focus on them and sometimes pay way less attention to the other members and it doesn’t bother me one bit but with SHINee, I’m practically wracked with guilt! Lol, I’m very weird, I know. Anyway, the others all grew on me slowly. Taeminnie was my original favourite – and then I suddenly realized how amazing Jonghyun was, after that Key crept up with his hilarious, cracktastic self and now MInHo’s won me over with his quiet sincerity. So that just leaves Onew-sshi, nae? And while I’m sure that’ll I end loving him as well – I just wish I’d hurry up and do it. I’m sick of feeling guilty about something so trivial.

Anyway, I’m gonna leave you with some Onew goodness. Here’s a video of him singing a song called ‘Cracks of my Broken Heart’ – if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. He sounds incredible. See, I can be nice.

edit: I did this for MinHo and now I’m going to do it for Onew because I totally think he deserves to be picked and these noonas are blind and it hurts me to see him not get picked and I honestly think it hurts him too. PICK HIM ALREADY, NOONAS!!!! What are you guys not seeing? Yes, I know I just made an entry about not liking this boy enough but that doesn’t mean I don’t already love him dearly. Please pick Onew!! Honestly, I would do it myself if I could. Seriously, if they offered me a chance to be on that show, I’d do it in a heartbeat and I noticed the college noona in the latest episode said that she requested to do it so here I am, Mnet – I’M REQUESTING TO BE ON SHINee’s YUNHANAM! You can do a special international special and the boys will actually get to go overseas and everything! It’ll be super-fun and I promise to pick Onew – most likely to the collective sigh of all SHINee fans out there. XD So pretty please, can I be an official noona now?



Love’s Way

September 25, 2008

I am stressed right now. I have a portfolio due in a few hours and I’m now starting. Yes, my procrastination comes back to bite me in the butt once again. I need to relax to work on this thing and how do I do it?

By watching this:

You would not believe how watching this performance – and listening to this song – makes me feel so much better. It’s not my favourite song on the album for nothing. ^^ Thank you, SHINee.




September 24, 2008

Thank God for Friday…

Dudes, this Friday’s going to be amazing. Why? This is why:

Music Bank 2008.09.26 Performers Lists (credit: Senorita at Soompi)

Comeback Stage: Wonder Girls, M (Lee Min Woo), Brown Eyed Girls, Solbi, Son Dam Bi (I thought about highlighting M but I’m only interested in his perf. if he does the song he sang with YooBin which I doubt he will. He should though – I mean, she’ll be there too…)

Music Stage: Big Bang, SHINee, Seo In Young, Kim Hyun Jung, V.O.S, 2AM, 2PM, Lee Hyun Ji, Tteu Go Un Gamja, U-Kiss, Lee Byul, Hyena

I am a little disappointed that DBSK’s comeback stage is all the way on Sunday but whatever…

And in addition to the (hopefully) lovely performances coming out of that – on Friday, shineesubs will upload Episode Nine of SHINee’s Yunhanam. Well, it’s usually uploaded on Friday anyway. Sorry about the virtual spam – I’m just trying to give myself something to look forward to since I’ve got a portfolio due that day and I want to know I’ll have something to look forward to when I come home.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this Friday~



Happy Birthday Key!

September 24, 2008

So this is belated in Korea but fortunately, it’s still the 23rd here so I want to wish the almighty Key a happy, happy birthday!



I know he had a birthday party with the other SHINee members and some fans and in his iple entry, he said it was really memorable and that he was very happy. I hope he continues to be healthy and happy and that he grows closer to the other boys and becomes an even better singer/rapper/entertainer in the years to come. I hope God continues to bless you richly, Key-gun!! Stay as adorkable as you are!


P.S: I should never have joined Soompi. Now I’m stalking the SHINee/WG threads there… As if I didn’t have enough net distractions!


I want ‘Nobody’, ‘Nobody’ but you…

September 22, 2008

All right so WG’s new MV is FINALLY out! Whoo, and the girls are bringing retro back with their hot, new 70’s looks!

No, but seriously, I just watched the MV and I think it’s cool. The style is very different from their other MVs but it’s a welcome change. I finally got a glimpse or fifty of Mr. JYP and you even get to hear him sing! To be honest, I think the MV could have done without him. Yes, it was necessary for the plot of the MV but I didn’t really need to see so much of JYP sitting on a toilet seat, thank you very much.

Anyway on to the girls, the retro style looks really good on all of them, although I don’t think it really suits So Hee. Still Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Sun Mi look amazing and well, we all know that Yoo Bin looks good in everything. I think the dance that they do in the beginning of the MV is very cute and easy to do but it doesn’t really look like the kind of thing that people will want to imitate like ‘Tell Me’. That’s okay though – they don’t always have to start a dance trend!

All of the headline shots of them topping the charts and such were very clever and the part with the purple background was super-cute. However, the ending part in the gold dresses is my favourite. At times, the dancing looks awkward in those dresses but the girls all look very confident there and Yoo bin and Sun Ye look fierce and very hot so overall I think it was a good MV. I give it a B+

As for the song – I loved the teaser we got of the ballad version. I think the vocals are stunning there and I really thought that that was the version that was being released so when I heard the dance version, I was a little put off. I didn’t love the electronica at first but after listening to it a few times, it’s grown on me. The vocals aren’t bad and you can definitely hear SoHee’s improvement (Yay!), although of course it doesn’t compare to the ballad version (which I’m dying to hear). I do find the ending a bit abrupt but I love YooBin’s rap and after a few listens, you get used to it. Most people are talking about how different the song sounds compared to ‘So Hot’ and ‘Tell Me’ and I know some people don’t like the change but I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. I’m happy to hear a different sound from the Wonder Girls – it means that they’re versatile – or at least trying to be. So I’m saying good job, WG! I hope this comeback works out for you and I’m really glad you didn’t keep that ‘sexy’ look you were working with before.

WG fighting!


P.S:- I finally learned all of the WG’s names! I’m so excited!



September 21, 2008

So I just joined Soompi because I’m a loser who wanted more people to spazz about SHINee with and I went to the the SHINee thread there and now I feel so overwhelmed/intimidated. I’m afraid to post without having something to share like new pictures or videos but I don’t have any that aren’t already up there. O.o I’m scared. Soompi is big.


By the way, anyone know where I can get a super-cool SHINee banner for my Soompi account?