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August 30, 2008

Hi! So since this is my intro post, I figure I should tell you a bit about me. My name’s Maki and I’m not really new to the blogging thing. I had a blog, abandoned it and then created one recently on Livejournal to post my fan-fiction. Anyway I’m starting to get back into the feel of blogging so I decided to create another one for my personal use so that my poor LJ friends won’t have to sort through all of my rambling to get to my stories.

Anyway, I really intend to post about whatever’s tingling my fancy at the moment (which could be just about anything). Right now, I’m getting into K-pop – I’m still a noob so if I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me and I’m turning into a total fangirl, oy! Honestly, the real reason that I created this blog – the real impetus behind me joining WordPress – is SM Entertainment’s new group, SHINee.

The SHINee boys

The SHINee boys

That’s them! Ha, they’re a Korean boy band that just debuted and fortunately, they’re receiving a lot of support (Yay!). Anyway, I’m developing a serious obsession with them – I got their album the day before yesterday and it’s been on repeat nonstop since then. I could talk your ear off about them but since this is my first post, I’ll stop here. I’ll probably say more in my next post and I really want to do a full review of their album, The SHINee World (which is amazing – I seriously suggest you check it out) but that will be for another…hour probably. edit: Read the album review HERE.

Ha, talk to you later,




  1. I just happened to chance upon your blog and must say that you’re making me more and more excited about SHINee ^^ Will be back here often! (if I can tear myself away from reading your every post at one go in the first place)

  2. Oh yay, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do! I’m trying to get as many people to like the boys as possible! Ha, well, not really…but it’s good to know that all my spazzing isn’t in vain. Thank you for commenting ^_^ I didn’t know my posts were so interesting. Oh, but please do check out SHINee. They’ve got a bright future! (no pun intended)

  3. Haha yeah I was pretty impressed with Replay and In My Room and was trying to find out more about SHINee when I came across your blog. I like your writing style ^^ and how you give equal attention to each member.

    And, about your other post on not being in the loop; I guess I’m like you too, only worse. I can only recognise Sun Ye, I’m still not too sure what ‘hyung’ and ‘sundubu’ mean and I wasn’t even aware SHINee had their own show till your blog.(Also, I’ve always wanted to read Naruto but never had the time.) But I find it kinda fun to discover more and more with every video clip/blog/whatever, though it does take time. Not sure what I really wanna say but hey, just to let you know I hear you, heh.

  4. Oh, you like my writing style? That makes me so happy, especially because I feel I ramble a lot! 😀 Well, I try to give every member some time – I don’t want to come off biased.

    Well, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll both pick up quickly – and we can help each other. ^^ I actually learnt about SHINee’s show from a blog as well – ‘pretty boy power’. It’s still one of my faves for SHINee news.

    Ha, the meaning of ‘sundubu’ (or ‘ondubu’) eluded me for quite some time and I was ashamed to ask…it’s Onew’s nickname. He called himself ‘dubu’ (tofu) once and his name (Onew) actually means ‘soft’ (like tofu) so that’s where the nickname comes from. I think ‘Ondubu’ comes from smushing the two words together and ‘Sundubu’ is actually a Korean dish (soft tofu) so people use that for him as well.

    I googled ‘hyung’ actually and got some definitions from Urban Dictionary so you can check it out there if you want. It’s basically a term of respect younger boys use to refer to older ones. Hence, all of the other members are Taemin’s ‘hyungs’ and he’s the one who uses it the most. I’m not totally sure on how it’s supposed to be used though (as in all the time or if it can be dropped if you’re close or what) because with the exception of Taemin, they don’t always use it to refer to each other.

    (Oh, and you should totally check out Naruto. People complain about it a lot and while some of those complaints are warranted, it’s still definitely a really good show/manga. Let me know if you do, okay?)

    Hmm, it sounds to me like you need the SHINee pimp post of doom (not written by me, unfortunately). Let me know if you’ve got an LJ account and I’ll give you the link – it’s something every SHINee fan should read. ^^ And feel free to ask me anything – but keep in mind, I’m still a novice, ha.

  5. HELLO 8D!!!!!! I just found your blog today in some way… that I don’t quite remember. :/ But hiiii, you’re another SHINee fan, which makes me happy!

    I’m Soo Jin, by the way. 😀

    Wow, you’re practically still a baby when it comes to Kpop! I feel like a mom in the way that I feel like I want to help your knowledge grow in the Kpop fandoms. xD

    You have so many posts. I want to comment on all of them, but…. I’m starting to get that nagging feeling in the back of my head that I have unfinished homework, lol.

  6. Hi! I’m Maki. I’ve seen you around actually – on Let’s All Eat Candy, I think.

    Oh, well please don’t neglect your home-work for me. Ha, but I’d love it if you’d come back and comment and school me about K-pop. I feel like a baby – there’s so much I don’t know! I’m happy that you’re willing to help me out though. Thanks! ^^

  7. Is that so? Ohhh dear, well let’s just hope that I haven’t said anything too embarrassing. ^^;

    You’re very welcome! Besides, what’s the use of knowledge if you can’t pass it on to others, right? I do want to help you out, but the only problem is that I don’t know what you do or don’t know, haha~

  8. Thanks for your explanations ^^ It’s much easier to hear them addressing one another as ‘hyung’ now. Oh, I passed a toy shop the other day which was selling this really cute soft-toy keychain in the shape of a tofu, and ‘Onew’ just came to mind lol.

    I don’t have an LJ account – yet – but I’ve visited ‘pretty boy power’ and am overwhelmed/delighted at the amount of stuff it has. There doesn’t seem enough time in a day to look through everything! Will let you know if I do get on LJ ^^ (which will mean I’ll also join ‘my name is Minho’, arghargh.)

  9. @ etherenia

    Oh no, you haven’t – don’t worry. Hmm, well I can’t think of anything right now but if you see anything odd in one of my entries or so, feel free to correct me.

    @ kuroi_katzchen

    Oh, you’re welcome. Glad I could help. I actually love to hear them use ‘hyung’ – I don’t know why but it just warms my heart. ^^ Funny you should mention that, I think that on SHINee forums, they’re actually planning to buy Onew something tofu related for his birthday in December. I would probably have bought it to have something to remind me of leader-sshi (like I really need a reminder!)

    Ha, I know – ‘pretty boy power’s like the ultimate friendly K-pop news/spazz site. Oh yes, definitely let me know if you get an LJ. It’s a site with a serious emphasis on writing so if you’re interested in that, you might want to join. And there are communities for all the other members as well as a group one. ^^

  10. HI YOU <3! I didn’t know you had your own blog; I’m sorry I’m only stopping now to say hi :D! Yay for SHINee fans; those boys are truly amazing <33333.

  11. Hi spazzes! I was so excited when I saw your comment – I feel flattered that you’d stop by my little bloggie. ^^ It’s okay – I’m just glad you left a comment. Yes, SHINee World unite! Ah, they are – have you seen their new hairstyles?

  12. Hi.. just wondering how you know SHINee..
    at the same time I am so glad that SHINee is becoming more and more popular
    are you korean?? or…??
    I was just searching SHINee images for making background photo for Handphones..
    thx for the good pictures

  13. Hi!
    To be honest, I don’t remember how I got to know SHINee – I just ended up seeing their Replay video on Youtube somehow.
    No, I’m not Korean – I’m not even Asian actually. I just like Asian music – and dramas. Are you? It seems that way. Is SHINee very well known there?
    You’re welcome. Feel free to keep dropping by.

  14. Hi!!!
    shinee,you very nice.

  15. hi,how are you?

  16. I rEaLLy rEaLLy LiKe ShiNEe… HeHeHe

  17. I love SHINee! It’s so great that there’s another total fangirl out there!


  18. shinee is awsome!!!

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